Hello everyone. Potential. When can I see it on a weapon? I i ow while grinding it up but would the same weapon have the same potential? For example if I bought 2 nox kvelle from an npc and grinded both to 11 would they both have the same potential unlocked. I know the stats on a weapon and potential are two different things and am just wondering how would I see the potential prior to grinding it up. Thanks again

I don't think there is a way to know the potential of a weapon before grinding it up, unless of course you go online and check. Cirnopedia is out of date but the info that is there on weapons and things should still be accurate.

And unless something changed at the end when I stopped playing in JP, the potential should not change if it's the same weapon.

Hope this helps!

For weapons, cirno isn't accurate since it stopped updating before the release of New Type weapons, which are what the NA server uses.

The best bet you have is probably looking at Arks-Visiphone, but some things may be inaccurate to NA, aside from terminology, since on the NA server they have added New Type versions of weapons that did not have them in the JPN version, like Elder Rifle.

@AndrlCh ok. I just was hoping i didn't miss anything and was leveling up my stuff incorrectly.

Also, just for your information, there are some weapons that have multiple potentials you can choose from, but even then you can switch back and forth between them for a material and meseta cost.

@AndrlCh ah, that's right I did see that once