Good signs!!

So upon logging in (and being immediately tossed into Falz Elder EQ, I decided to do some window shopping like I used to in the JP version and what do I find??? One of my old Lobby Actions!!! And a few others that are similar to ones I used to have but I guess they made new ones since I stopped playing. A few of the new AC and FUN scratch outfits AND somebody had the luck of finding the arm units I've been scrounging around for and put it up on the shop, so I now have the 2 Unit set bonus I used to run with, a couple of old LAs AND I have my Green Puyo on the way later on!!! Now all I REALLY need for the Long Bun (and the short version) hairstyles to be released and I'll be golden! (oh and for the My Room 3 Day tickets to either get put back into the Excube shop or for them to put them in the FUN shop like they said it would be.

Oh and also I still need "This is my Happiness" by Tom Jones to be put in asap 😄

My question to all of you, How has the game been going for you so far? Finding everything that you want/need (within reason of course)? Are you an old player from the JP servers and are you waiting for something to come back too? Are you excited to finally have our Autowords working again??

I tried to get on JP back in the day, decided it was too much of a hassle/couldn't figure out the captcha and just kinda gave up on it. So I'm going into this totally blind, and I'm a level 71 bouncer holding down my spot on the second page for likes and views in the lookbook. I'm having an absolute blast with this game. To be fair, my only expectations are 'be better than psu' which wasn't the most difficult thing to do, and so far it's doing a good job of it. I'm seeing a lot of QoL complaints around the forums while I lurk and honestly, a lot of it makes sense and there's a good chance that, given it's brought to the mods attention in the right manner, that it may come on the proper 'full release' of the game. I'm just waiting on that so I can play it on pc, it's graphically pretty impressive for it's time and I know my old ass xbox one is holding it back in that regard. But the story isn't as bad (yet) as I've heard and there's plenty to do and work towards, and plenty of cool fashion and variety in character looks. I'd say they're doing fine.

Yes! There's a few things that some of us who have griped a fair to, like that My Room 3 Day ticket thing. Used to be available rather easily to free players who were end game and a lot of my time was spent making sure that I could buy enough to be good for the month for my room, now there's no reason to bothering since it's a rare get in a scratch only.

I still need to get my main CAST up to 75/75 but that will come. Just glad that I still have at least some things to work toward outside of leveling and gear grinding. And we're only a few weeks in so my hopes that by official launch, I'll have a plethora of goals to set for myself.