I was super hyped when the N-version of my favorite eye variant (Luminous Eyes) was introduced in a scratch. I immediately went to try them on.... and was immensely disappointed by the way the glow for these N-eyes worked. The glow effect completely overpowers any features of the irises themselves, EVEN THEIR COLOR, leading to the eyes appearing to be blank, milky, and overall featureless.... which is not consistent with the icon for this pattern.

Here is a screenshot demonstrating my point: Lucciola Eyes on an NGS face(left), vs Luminous Eyes on a PSO2 face(right). Note that both eyes shown glow in the dark, and both are using the exact same color.

alt text

While I understand that I shouldn't expect these N-variants to look exactly like the originals, I feel that SEGA should re-examine the way they are applying the glow to these eye patterns and hopefully take this feedback into account for future variants.