Recycling Badges not working

I currently have 70 in my inventory, when I try to buy something from swap shop with them it says I do not have the right item. I have tried all the items that require ac scratch tickets but none of them work. They worked fine before the update / urban life style was released.

So far I have tried using them from inventory, storage, characters storage, still nothing. Really hope this is fixed soon really need to get my units auged.


I came to say the same thing 500 of them broken.

I flipped out thinking it might have been intentional.

I had no idea this wasn't working. Are you having these issues with other shops? I know this hasn't happened to me in the Excube or Photon Shops.. but I haven't bothered with the badge shops yet myself..

@A4Angel Only the Recycle shop, Recycle badges aren’t working at all though. Noticed a lot of people just dumping them off in market.

It’s the primary reason for the badges existence, so I’m hoping it’s only a bug.

@CarnivorousCalf okaaaaayy.... <_< Maybe.. maybe I should.. buy them up before fixes happen so I can go shopping later 😄


Yeah. That’s what I did!

I grabbed 200 @ around 70k, went to cash them in for some goods to sell, and boom it hit me why they were so cheap.

70K-80k is around the going rate to convert to a Recycle Badge

Bought a Recycle Badge for myself and yes, it wasn't working for me too.

Not sure if it's related to this bug, but I noticed that Recycle Badge of NA server lacks the AC scratch item mark it should have. Usually, AC scratch items have an "A" mark on the bottom right corner of its icon. Recycle Badge doesn't have this mark. FYI, Recycle Badge of JP server does have this mark.


@Fiona-Respha Yeah, I noticed that too. And the “A” was there before this recent update.

Maybe they realized people abused the Game Pass reward thing to flood the market with these and did this as a fix on all badges that existed before maintenance?

It'd actually be a pretty smart fix to help re-right the economy.

Or it could be a real bug. Who knows. If you can still exchange for badges without the AC designation, then they absolutely made a mistake.

@Ilúvatar that would be a very bad fix if they were not going to make the community aware of that change and leave them tradable.

Same here. Exchanged and made 1 recycle badge. Then I bought 13 more from the shop. Now I cant use them to buy anything.

Has anyone done a support ticket for this yet?

@SaviorZero82 everyone should, the more they get the harder it is to ignore

I have also logged this for our team. Please submit a ticket as well for documentation purposes. Go to "Support" at the top of the page, "contact us", "contact us now," log in with your xbox account, then click "submit a request" in upper right-hand corner.