October 13 Class Balance Adjustments


Some mostly vague imo, like "Fix the potency". Was it broken? Can't tell if its going to be an increase or a decrease. Better not decrease my hunter weapon potencies !

They are making a lot of PA's and some normals easier to dodge out of, such as partisan normal attack and TMG aimless rain.

Squishy force get more HP :3 All technique potencies are being "Fixed".

Overall, a lot of potencies are being "Fixed" hopefully meaning increased

Along with these changes we will get an N-Reset Skills ticket. For this, it will be per character so if you havent already make some alt characters so you get up to 3 (Unless you throw AC at more characters)

In JP version it says corrected/revised/fixed upward. The global version probably missed the δΈŠζ–Ή word, but who am I to know better.

Looks like Gunner is shining in this one, and always welcome the easier cancellation timing on sidesteps.

Lets see if Wand doesnt feel bad to use after this one

It's just a bunch of damage buffs with better feeling inputs due to various changes like range/cancelation times, or movement. Hoping they fix chain trigger itself since it's pretty buggy atm.

I wish they would adjust Rod's Photon Blast, it's like you need to aim precisely to the target in order to deal bonus damage, and the

Also, it would be nice if there's an option to make techs (especially Foie techs) less flashy, as well as an option to turn off screen shaking while casting techs.


Sound Like Sega is anticipating community whining about up coming content being to hard even tho they given enough time to up grade their gear and practice their skills. Just like Gigantix out cry.....dumbing down the content my personal perspective opinion.

Or maybe its a much needed fix to the lacking damage scaling since the beta test was too short and didn't include half the weapons & skills Wand feeling especially awful to play with Wand blocks missing or not being able to be performed due to being animation locked for just long enough or just the lacking damage numbers in general my personel perspective opinion.

@Rain-Gnyu Its not anticipation. Much of the changes are based on feedback/complaints, such as Increasing potency of Techniques. https://forum.pso2.com/topic/13039/does-force-feel-weak-to-anyone-else?_=1634017176128 Bet you dont even remember that one πŸ™‚

Balancing is also a just thing that happens in MMO that aren't dead. Surely you weren't thinking nothing would change?


Actually most of the buffs given were requested even before gigantix was a thing. Braver in particular feels pretty awful comparitively (as an example) to any other damage option even when played optimally with good gear. Your perspective as always is tone deaf.


Funny thing is the buffs won't address force's problem. The idea of force felt like it focused on elemental downs over raw damage. However the introduction of elemental weapons as well as Bouncer now coming in with the ability to do downs better and with more damage just exhaserbates the problem. I feel like we are hinging the entire viability of force based on whatever tech's we get in the future. Which I suppose is pretty normal for caster focused classes in most MMO's. They do tend to be late bloomers. But still, it feels awful that they did a lot of nice QoL for the game that has helped force feel better to play. But it's lacking a solid purpose unlike most classes.

@Knight-Raime Yea thats how I feel about Forces techniques, but I dont feel the elemental weapons put force at a disadvantage when it comes to elemental downing. Its still more rapid with techniques. It almost looked like they would, at first, until it was found out the proc was only every 20 seconds and only that proc adds to the elemental down stacks.


That's my bad. I wasn't implying that elemental weapons do downs better. More so that with their inclusion people don't need to look towards techs anymore to get matching damage bonuses to enemies weak to that element.

It's not the biggest deal on its own. But just an example along with others that force is generally lacking an identity.

Ripperoni, wake up like 4hrs after maint suppose to end just to see it crossburst and one-more with no end in sight.

Hope they actually get the servers up before daily resets on JP.

At least that I have seen, it seems like my normal gameplay is still relatively consistent but it is noticeable what has changed for some classes (such as Bouncer definitely being the current "all-in-one" feeling class or the Fighter's Acceleration Drive noticeably sending you further than before in the past).

The easing of the Gunner and Techer's step dodge cancels seems like it's noticeable to me just testing it randomly but I don't quite feel like it "fixes" the Gunner all that much to me because you still have quite a bit of animation locks even if it feels smaller than it used to be though I don't know if this is just because I was so used to S-Rolling in the original game and cancelling it with a step-jump to start sprinting in the original game.

Otherwise as it is, it was nice to have Reset Skill Passes for each character we have again.

Partisan normal attacks can be side stepped out of at practically any time now. Got easy moded :3 I guess it will really help when fighting a Malevolent Bujin or something. Some of those buffs dont feel like they've been applied, tho, like the 'fixing upward' of potency for uncharged cleaving slice. Seems to hit just as weak as always. Cant even tell since PA info only really shows charged potency still πŸ˜•

Yeah I don't see an obvious change on force either. +30HP is nice, but barta is still very, very weak...

On Lv15 Bujin from Cacoon quest, even against an enemy that's weak to barta(ice) elements, my Barta can deal up to 570 damage per shot, while Foie can deal up to 453.

But remember Barta cost 1 more pp, it is technically single target spell (since it is really hard to get enemies aligned in a straight line), while foie has a big AOE. Also, Foie can lock on on weak points.