Extreme quests?

Hello again everyone. Back again with more needs questions. I know I need to be corrected but extreme quests don't seem like they're worth it. I did floors 1-5 and didn't quite complete a few of the requirements and got dookey squat from them. Very little meseta and gear. Stuff was like 4,5,6 star and 2k meseta. Maybe 2k exp. How do they work? How do I unlock more floors as I was only able to do up to 5 floors even though I had 8 extreme passes. Please no abbreviations....i don't always understand them. Thanks in advance

Extreme Quests are done 5 floors at a time, so once you do one set of floor, you get access to the next with a total of 70 floors. As you get further and further, enemies get higher level and thus have better drops.

Ok, so how do I access the next set? I remember only doing the first 5 twice. Thanks for responding

@UmemeMfalme Keep in mind that each Extreme Quest has its own progress, so even if you clear Floors 1-5 on one, they will not be cleared on another. That said, when you get to the gate in front of the Telepool it should give you a little dialogue box to pick your starting floor, and it should always default to the highest floor you can access.

Ok, I'll check it again then. And the exp and rewards? Are they directly toed to completing the requirements, i.e. kill enemy within 20secs? Or does the exp and rewards, and meseta grow on later levels?

@AndrlCh nevermind I see what you wrote. Thanks much

Most XQs are not really what I would consider relevant content at the stage of the game at which the NA version released. The original XQs were from...I think late Episode 1 or early Episode 2? Unless they have changed the rewards significantly, most floors of those XQs will not be worthwhile content at this point.