One of the most boring types of loot and gear in RPG's is Stat Sticks. Items or gear that exist only to hold arbitrary stat increases, which ultimately do nothing to change how you play the game, and offer no difference in play style between level 1 and max level. Currently this is the loot that exists in NGS. You have weapons and armor with generic stat modifiers, and the ability to add augments to gear which are just more stat increases. At the end of the day this type of loot is not unique and is boring. It also de-incentivizes large time investments and sinks in the game for items, or augments, which offer a negligible stat increase compared to what you already have ( ignoring the fact that no content exists for pushing for the best gear possible ).

IMO in order for NGS to be amazing it needs to adopt traditional RPG loot systems that have become popularized today, such as in Diablo or Path of Exile. Specifically I mean changes like those below.

  • The addition of Unique / Legendary Weapons or Units which augment or change the skills you use directly, or change your passives in a unique way that allow you to play the game in a new way. The ability to multi-weapon these items should also be possible. Of course these items would have low drop rates, creating scarcity of these items, motive and drive to obtain them, as well as still having the ability to drop with preset skills on top of their innate given effects. These should of course have their own unique camo.

  • These items should be random drops from any enemy killed anywhere in the game, with increased chances from what ever the hardest content is at the time. Likewise these items should probably have a trade limit before becoming account bound, to prevent the constant purchasing and reselling of items, and market manipulation.

  • Potentially the addition of weapons that gain an effect when used in a multi-weapon with a specific other weapon type could be cool to push a unique playstyle while at the same time implementing build limitations as a downside for using it.

  • Unique Units or Sets could be cool as well and the system itself could serve as a way to create downsides. Having unique units which over time would grow in number would create higher build diversity if the units them self offered build and play style defining changes when used. Likewise the downside of Sets would be the inability to use some if not all other unique Units in their place.

Without a push towards more traditional RPG loot mechanics, how can SEGA make loot in NGS interesting? Currently all weapons are essentially the same, just some have more damage than others, or there is a unique potential you could unlock which may or may not matter at all, leading to really 1 or 2 weapon variants as being the only viable weapons if you are future proofing your character for the short term (pushing 1400+ BP). The same can be said about Units as well. With the way loot is you can currently create the best 4* weapon and units for your class, and you will effectively be strong enough do what ever new content they add in December, unless they introduce new content that is 300+ BP requirement higher than the highest current BP requirement content. With the intended addition of a way to transfer preset skills to other items, there is also less incentive to have the BIS gear, as you could drop a tier in rarity, but get a level 5 preset skill and be just as strong or stronger than the next tier with no preset or a low level preset skill. Overall the current system does not promote continued play of the game, and the limitations on the skill trees, and lack of options diminishes the incentive to keep playing.

The December update will be nice for a few weeks, but at the end of the day the loot, lack of skills, lack of diversity, this will all be a non ending problem in NGS unless something is done about it. Players need options, goals, and incentives to keep playing, and the game does not currently have that. Introduce a little of Path of Exile and Diablo into the game and this will turn into a major success that will be amazing for over a decade.