The Future of NGS, Commendations & Feedback

First off I want to appreciate that there are many good plans and ideas coming in the next few updates. The changes below are the specific ones I am most happy about seeing, and will likely cause me to come back for at least a month to play NGS.

  • Battledia - This is pretty interesting and could be amazing. I can see this as being a great alternative grind spot in Battledia: Yellow. However for Battledia: Purple I would prefer to see something new added to the drops that can only be obtained in Battledia: Purple. Otherwise what is the incentive to do them over the normal Gigantix that spawn around the map, especially when it doesn't look like you will be able to have as many people. Ideally Battledia: Purple would be harder, since you are doing back to back Gigantix fights with a time limit and less people, so there should be rewards you cant get outside of this content.

  • I think I saw somewhere that the triggers are obtained from killing enemies. I hope that the amount of triggers one can farm and save up is not limited, and a player, or guild can farm them and save them up to use as a guild run event where all guild members do Battledia all day on a specific day. Likewise if possible I would like to see a third Battledia that focus' on survival. Aim to live as long as possible and get progressive rewards for hitting time milestones, along with a ranking system with its own reward for like top 3 in solo and group rankings, maybe even guild rankings as well.

  • Mission Pass - I am glad to see the mission pass is coming back, and includes 3 day shop passes for F2P players to use the market. Currently players with high wealth are able to buy out and force inflated prices on items with little to no competition.

  • Color Variant Weapons - I love that this was added. I hope that the color variations are not small however. Ideally weapons would drop with random rolled RGB values, and the weapon would be able to be previewed from the personal shop with its color so players can pick the perfect colored weapon for their outfit. This will also create a market value for high demand colors. Ideally I would like to see something like this happen with dye's so F2P players can buy single use dyes to use on their armor from the personal shop, also adding another market value item to grind for and stimulate the economy.

  • Special Scratch Ticket - I am happy to see an earnable scratch ticket as a reward for playing the game, encouraging increased player retention via an incentive players desire.

  • New Zones - Look amazing but also empty. I hope there is plenty of enemies throughout the area so we don't spend more time traveling than in combat.

Below are things I hope to see in the future.

  • More build diversity and interactions between class skill trees. Currently the skill trees are extremely limiting, are almost entirely only applicable to a specific weapon type, or to that class as a main class. Likewise some of the classes have very little skills in general. The fact that you also cant make any multi-weapon combination you want when using certain weapon variants, it can make it difficult to play the game the way you want. If the game focused more on the RPG side of things, I feel it could be better overall.

  • Scaling Content - Currently there does not exist any content that has progression and gets harder over time. As such, our ability to over gear and vastly over power the content we have is a problem. I mentioned earlier a Survival based Battledia and I think that could be a good piece of content for us to gear for and strive to do better in. However I would also like to see harder more rewarding open world content. I think Adding a new rank to each zone with level 20 (hard) enemies in it could be a great idea, boosting the item rarity and item drop rate from enemies killed in those zones. It would also be interesting if you could introduce a story element that would allow for randomized environmental hazards to be present in these harder zones that had the potential to punish players who make mistakes. Things like meteor showers that could impact you, start fires in specific locations that can burn you, maybe blizzards in the winter zone which slow you down, and so on.

  • I would like to see the delay on Techters parry reduced when you are already attacking / swinging your weapon which makes it more difficult for Techters to stay in the air on target.

  • I would like more options to get robot based cosmetic items in the game. It is quite rare to see them in general, and I don't want to sit around dressing up some female character in ridiculous clothing just because 90% of your cosmetics are for female characters.

The next few months will be a huge boost for NGS and should help it recover from the disaster launch.

Just about everything mention in the video should help gain new players and keep existing ones.

As for you part on the lack of CAST parts, that still needs work and hopefully there is more stuff coming since my main character is a mech themed male CAST.