[BUG - Xbox] Emote: Jack-o'-Lantern alternate color mode not appearing

Until today, I haven't used Jack-o'-Lantern emote since last update.

Since I'm playing on Xbox, I use the X and Y buttons to activate alternate modes for emotes.

Prior to update, Jack-o'-Lantern eyes would change colors when X or Y are pressed. It now rolls forward like a somersault emote, no color change takes place.

I logged out and back in to see if it was just a glitch but the somersault motion continues to happen.

I saved up a lot to buy the emote from the Personal Shop. I liked the color- changing eyes. I really hope this is just a bug and not an intentional change. This new action isn't why I saved to buy the emote.

Please change it back.

@WarlockJerezad Please disregard/delete this post. I had Motion Type 1 set, tested it by changing to Motion Type 2, now the eyes change.

Sorry for the hassle.