SG Scratch Tickets

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I notice that they are mentioned here but when I look for them in game I don't see an option. Are SG Tickets usually there or only certain occasions?

They haven't implemented an SG Scratch yet, but if they set it up just like on the Japanese server, then we will get one SG Scratch that lasts 6 months and is then replaced with another that lasts 6 months. The majority of the SG scratches on the Japanese server are outfits from Story NPCs for Episodes 4 and 5, so it is possible they are going to hold back on them until that content is released to avoid story spoilers.

@AndrlCh Ah dang, thats unfortunate. I was hoping that there would be an alternate way of participating in the monthly scratches that didn't rely on AC. Just so I'm not missing anything, is there a pretty regular way of getting scratch tickets that doesn't rely on microtransactions?

I still need to get a good idea of the rewards given during the monthly loop, but are scratch tickets able to be earned? I'm trying to get some friends into playing who particularly like cosmetics, one of which is on FFXIV, and it seems like with that game's monthly subscription they are able to earn most of what they want. I'm not even sure if a monthly gold pass and the mission pass can assure any chance of getting cool cosmetics, let alone with Free to Play.

Sorry for all the of the questions, I just really want to know this stuff before trying to get friends onboard.

Even on he JPN server rarely are AC Scratch Tickets given out for free; I think it has maybe happened twice in 7 years.

That said, your option to get items from the AC Scratch without spending real money is by buying them from the Player Shops using Meseta; sure you are at the whims of the market as to whether you are getting a reasonable deal, but at least you are getting want you want rather than having to rely on RNG.

@AndrlCh Understood, thank you for the responses!