Phantasy Star Online Commercials

Phantasy Star's had some interesting commercials here and there, figured I would put as many as I could find into one place for all of us to enjoy! Definitely bring up if I missed any! xD

Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Universe

Phantasy Star Portable Series

Phantasy Star Zero

Phantasy Star Online 2 (These are not in any particular oder... there's just so many)

t h r o w b a c k l a n d

If nothing else, those commercials all have a unique style. Personally, though, I'd prefer something closer to this:

Iron Saga JP TV CM

I remember the PSO: Ep I&II trailer they had on that one Nintendo Power DVD; it's what got me interesting in playing PSO for the first time:

That PSO2 TV Commercial and the 3 guys dancing always gets me.