Please allow more than one camo /glamour ability

I would like to see the ability to have more than one camo active .

Just find and use a camo that covers multiple weapon types. The way the game is coded, you can't equip more than one camo at once.

@Ilúvatar this can work but there are a few times that I wish I could have multiple different ones on, I mean op can check out the photon booster shop there are a bunch in there that covers multiple weapon types.

I do sympathize with you OP it would be nice to do so

The closest option that we have is the Weapon Transmutation option, but there are several conditions that are required. First you require a one-time use Weapon Transmutation Pass which you can buy from the SG Shop, then you need the Weapon you want to reskin and the Weapon or Camo that you want to use the model of, and the Weapons must be at +35/35, also it costs 1million meseta.