Still unable to redeem gamepass rewards

So the code just showed up for me, that's cool. But here's the problem: I'm getting a "Code not found. Try re-entering it. If that doesn't work, contact the merchant." error.

Guys, what's going on?

Are you in the UK? If you are you'll need to change your xbox's location to United states then redeem.

@Ini I live in the uk and have changed my region but it still doesn't show up, are you from UK and have you been able to get it?

How do you even redeem the code?

@Overtrive go to the game pass and you will see perks, click on it and it should be there

@TL-TriggerZ Did you manage to get the perks? I'm from the UK as well so I don't know if we are eligible.

@CYvernFOX Yea im of the same mind as you

@TL-TriggerZ Btw as your from the UK too, do you frequently get error 630 disconnects?

@CYvernFOX no never had an error

As far as I know, the rewards are only available to US residents. Even though we can access the game from outside of NA, Game Pass Ultimate is a different thing across regions with different permissions.