400% Rare - Not working at all?

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@SaviorZero82 to add to what you just said, even after the 400% expired, my drops did not return to normal until I logged out and exited the game.

Clearly it's not just bad luck, but some malicious force infecting your 400% tickets and cursing you forever.

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Ok then how often do you get photon boosters in AQs

Which AQ difficulty? Because if you were doing SH, I've never had a photon booster drop there, personally. If you were running a 400% on VH, that would be questionable, but not getting any boosters at all would be odd certainly. But just look at the posts here, on one hand you people are complaining about the items somehow being so bugged they break your drops forever - to one guy casually mentioning having "full sets" of saiki units and wanting more.

If they weren't working, you wouldn't have those multiple sets, dawg. It's not some great conspiracy, you're looking to blame your bad luck and buyer's remorse on the game because RNG did what RNG does.

@Nuebot yes. The full set I got was from the 250% ex tribooster. Having thought it was fixed, I purchased the 400% as well and it went downhill.

I am guessing if the Apos drops weren't a red flag to you that you don't know how the game determines the drops you get, so you can stop advocating for system you don't even understand.

If the problem still exists when the game is easily reversible on PC, I won't bother reporting it again, I will just expose it.

@Nuebot I did both Vhaq and a Shaq no drops for boosters at all I could not tell you if I got any capsules tho I was not look for them at the time, and I have had the luck of getting a saiki to drop with just a 50% booster on so, I get the whole game is RNG I’m just saying that there seems to be an issue with a function in the game I don’t expect to get everything handed to me tho, so I either pissed off the RNG gods that day or my drop rate for a item that drops on the regular went to 0 or in the -, all in all it would be nice to hear from a GM on this matter just to see if they like the few of us have the same issues if not then it was all on us and that’s fine, I have not stopped playing the game nor do I intend to over this and I will still spend $$ on it aswell, hell the booster was free to me when I used it I had Sg from doing story/ac items/ and other stuff so I was not out $$ just SG

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I am guessing if the Apos drops weren't a red flag to you that you don't know how the game determines the drops you get, so you can stop advocating for system you don't even understand.

Alternatively; I find it more likely that there's a handful of people very mad that they aren't getting what they want out of a toy they spent money on and are throwing a tantrum, rather than there's an incredibly specific bug that applies to a specific item you can only buy with AC that only a handful of people have randomly experienced, that only applies at random times during random missions (but totally not during single party areas because that's when you, personally, get the drops you approve if evidently) with absolutely no circumstance or criteria beyond "I feel like I'm not getting enough drops/the drops I want".

@Nuebot reading comprehension isn't your strength, it seems.

Explains a lot about the quality of your posts

Ok come now don’t go attacking each other, at this point just agree to disagree

anyone verify on new patch...im guessing still not working

@BigBlack626 hasn't been mentioned on the support page or the bug fixes. It is someone else's turn to try, lol

I tried one today for rappy day. Terrible drips for six hours.

@Jinxpalm ? Did you get any photon boosters?

I have seen 2 other posts regarding this "issue", hopefully everything gets squared away and best of luck to you all. Hopefully your luck can actually be 400% better.

Has anyone else noticed that the 400% is no longer in the Sg shop

@SaviorZero82 the 400% was in the AC shop, 300% was the one in the SG shop.

Is it not there? Haven't been on in a few days so I could finish up some school work.

@John-Paul-RAGE ah I could be mistaken then I thought the 400 was in the Sg shop I have not looked in the ac shop in some time

400% boosters are not worth to spend on, what a previous poster said "400% of 0 is going to be 0"

Many JP players, like myself, will tell you that it's not worth. You can get very good drops from using no RDR booster at all, and can get nothing at all with Max boosters on. RNG is RNG, not a bug.