400% Rare - Not working at all?

I've stuck with the strat of running triboosters and stopped with 250s , 300s, and 400s. I'm getting better loot now.

Anyone notice a difference after maintenance?

Been testing a slightly different theory lately in single player parties with full A.I. partners.

The premium boosters have so far appeared more effective when in a SPA map by myself. This is preliminary, could be a case of all my bad luck "catching up". If I get a couple more full sets of Saiki from the non-rare variant of Gunne, I will conclude it is working in at least SPA quests by oneself.

@John-Paul-RAGE Surprisingly, you aren't the only one saying this. Still haven't heard any word from the higher ups to verify anything, but I did hear that it has changed since the update. Idk what it was, but I won't be buying another.

@I-did-camp yeah, that one is shady business.

Problem that makes player get free stuff? IMMEDIATE FIX

Problem that let's players potentially spend 9 dollars to get worse drops? Let's monitor it, not really say anything, and if there is a problem try to adjust it.

@John-Paul-RAGE I mean I have asked multiple people who have I've met since the beginning of the games release (NA) and they have literally all had the same issue. So it makes sense. It's not like I am the only one having the issue.

I ran a few AQs yesterday and today with nothing on and got 3 13*s and a ton of other rare loot. Makes no sense.

@I-did-camp can guarantee the 400% is still broken. Running Apos earlier (precursor quest to Luther) was getting around 12-15 drops of various loot.

Now that a 400% is active, he is only dropping 7 items from his core, no matter what. @GM-Deynger has this been addressed at all that you are aware of? There has to be so many tickets, but there is no mention anywhere.

This is my 5th one I have "tested", so that's $45 down the drain.

I started playing PSO2 about 3 weeks ago. My buddies and I were trying to play and I had to catch up. So I bought AC and the Founders Pack. Used a bunch of 400% boosters over the last few weeks trying to improve my chances as we grinded VHAQ and SHAQ. My buddy who consistently ran 250% boosters was getting way more drops than I was getting in the last 3 weeks and he mentioned the 400s might be bugged. That's a TON of AC wasted and money spent on a broken item. Where do I report this to get refunded my AC or dispute this? I have been running 250s for last few days and noticed a massive difference in drop behavior. 3 weeks, 300 hrs in game now. Lots of time to grind during this pandemic and I noticed the differences.

@MasterShubacca did you submit a ticket as well through the support page? About all we can do at the moment.

Here’s what I would do report the bug via Xbox and submit a bug report here by going to support then click contact us now you will be asked to login with your Xbox account then click the menu button next to your profile pic then pic submit a request and fill that out(in case you did not know how to)

This just sounds like confirmation bias, guys. I've literally never gotten anything using a 400% booster in Japan, and that's just because RNG is going to RNG. I don't doubt they work, but like someone said earlier in the topic: a 400% increase of 0.01 is going to be 0.04 or whatever, it's not going to be revolutionary and PSO - and by extension PSO2 - has always been outright infamous for its hilariously low, borderline mythical drop rates at times.

I've had runs of luther, as recently as today, where I got jack-all while using triboosts and alliance boosts, and everything else at my disposal. But on the run where my boosts expired and I didn't even bother popping a rare droprate ticket? Four sigmas. Percentage chances and RNG is always a gamble, and it's one you should take into heavy consideration before you spend money on a booster - especially if you're going to get mad that it didn't shower you with enough drops or something. Lord knows virtually everyone who's played JP has had at least one moment like that themselves, running forest with a party, using all of their boosters and getting that sweet PSE burst. Downing hunar omega, hoping that maybe today will finally be the day because you've pumped all you had into it. And getting nothing but meseta out of the whole mess, not even a paltry pity rare drop - let alone anything cool.

Ok then how often do you get photon boosters in AQs cuz when I have done them without boosters I get a bit with a 250 I get a lot but when I used the 400 I got 0 of them to drop along with all other items, I have even went to the JP server and got a 400% and the drops were pouring in unlike NA and yes there could have been something different cuz of having the other episodes but still something that drops on a regular just stops for the length of time the booster is running say there is a problem, and it definitely does not have a drop rate of .1, and please don’t take this post as me trying to fight you I’m not and I understand that the 400 would only up a 1-4 my problem is no items drops at all not that even trash drops

@Nuebot I am not sure you've read any of this. 10s and 7s were used as a reference. Those are not .01% drop chances.

I even killed a Gal earlier before it finally expired (worst 6 hours ever) and didn't get a single lex unit. Those are not rare by any means, as breaking his parts would be get you several pieces even without a boost at all.

@SaviorZero82 to add to what you just said, even after the 400% expired, my drops did not return to normal until I logged out and exited the game.