Hu-Xian Tails are fullbright when set to white

fullbright adj a term used in computer graphics to describe an object or texture that is always drawn at full brightness, regardless of environmental lighting.

So yeah, when set to white (or any very bright color), the Hu-Xian Tails are basically fullbright. Even in the dead of night, my character's white tails shine brightly. They look like they should cast shadows as a dynamic light object, lol. It's really distracting and looks really odd, because they DON'T light up the nearby area, so they just look like a visual error in the graphics engine (as this very bright glowing thing is not actually casting any light). I understand from a technical perspective how this is possible, and why this happens, but it looks kinda bad.

It almost seems like an effect that was meant to be applied to the tips was instead applied to the whole tail. I do understand how it could be kind of cool in a way, like a photonic effect, and if it were just the tips (which are white by default) I would assume it was intentional. However, in my character's case, her tails are very large and solid white, so they shine very brightly; they nearly outline her in silhouette at night and are quite distracting otherwise. I could make them darker, but even the default orange color suffers this problem to some degree. Basically, the brighter the color you apply to the tails, the more they "shine".

TL;DR is this intentional or a bug? And if intentional, is there any way we could turn it off or perhaps get some sort of control over it?

Here's some pictures to illustrate what I'm talking about:
Normal white fullbrights in daylight look sorta okay!
... until you step into the woods!
Changing the main tail color to black sorta helps, kinda...
... but still not really. Compare her white hair to the "black" tail. It's not being shaded correctly.