Are we getting our own personal rooms and shops in NGS?

If the answer is yes? Will Pso2 base game furniture be transferable to NGS? Also are we going to be able to have our personal shop in our room and customize it with available hours of contacting owners, as well as advertising, auction availability, and or trade options?

I got a lot of questions about personal rooms and not sure if this is the proper place to gather information on the subject.

I'm concerned with personal quarters too, but so far I think there is no information about it yet. I guess they will come back at some point, just like the rest of PSO2 world.

No information yet. I wish we have an option to directly go to the base version of it instead of getting to the lobby first, though...

I'm more concerned with more content in terms of gameplay myself. I wouldn't complain if they added personal quarters, unless it comes at the cost of new content like new regions to explore, new enemy types to battle, new game modes to play... Personally I feel personal quarters should be lower on the priority list.

game as a whole just needs more social features

Who knows anymore. If it is something that is coming in the future, then it's something the game should have launched with. I can't believe such a popular part of Phantasy Star has been omitted from NGS.

Personal shops was something meant to be unlocked with a certain title. Welp guess what system got delayed.