Accessory disappear issue ?

Hi, i just wanted to know if anyone else had the issue in NGS yet where you add the accessory to your character and bind it. Then you can't find it at all in the salon. I checked all of the sub categories and just plain looking through them all. And absolutely nothing. I can't find it. Even for all of my characters, it never showed up in the salon.

I don't know what to do and its fustrating because i got the same item tofay and it even says it's bond to my account. It's the Gradated Horns/2.

you might check if they're in the ear/horns tab rather then accessory tab, also if it is there you'll need to use one of the NGS head types to equip them.

yes the horns are in a separate option tab NGS horns are not considered accessories I gess but appearance items like the ears or makeup

@kyo_fuyuba ohhh ok i gotta check again because i didn't see a rab for thise on NGS, unless i am totally blind lol

they should be under the face menus under ears and horns, again you will need to use the NGS faces since the classic faces don't have the ability to change their ears or horns.

@kyo_fuyuba ooooohhh ok omg thank you!! Yaaa its there omg lol