PSO2 Freezing for a few seconds every time I move to ARKS lobby

Ever since I started playing base pso few weeks ago, every time I move to the lobby (including on login) the game freezes for a few seconds then goes back to normal. Every other place things transition smoothly but just the lobby for some reason the game behaves like this. Not game breaking in anyway just annoying. Anyone else experience this issue?

it's a server thing. Ever since NGS this has gotten more notable. Practically speaking, what you experience is your client sending lots of requests to the server, and before the server is giving you a proper answer, you can expect a small standstill. it's weird, but it's how they've coded it. weird, because the server first wants to load everything, instead of doing partial requests, this would cause stuff like other players and npcs pop up one after the other on your screen. once everything is loaded your client will only send requests to the server like movement and updates on items being used by other players in your view angle, so the load will lessen. this is to reduce the load tax of both your hardware and server. your hardware hardly plays a role on this, so yes, everyone else is experiencing this phenomena. based on distance to the server, it can vary.

@shadonic-0 oh okay thanks for the quick and detailed responce!