twilight tenzan/2 [se] hide basewear ornament selection, and more options please

So currently the piece that it hides when you select hide ornament, is the lower left armor piece around the persons waist? I would like the cloak thing around her neck to be the piece hidden. There are options to hide multiple pieces, and seeing as how the hide ornament option is really nice, we should have more options to hide more pieces. This neck cloak thing is the most obvious thing I would want to hide, does anyone else feel the same?

I am asking for more customizability in what we can hide or display. If it is possible to just make a selection among the outfit to hide, like choose 2 pieces, hands, gloves, shoes, chest piece, arm pieces, to show off more innerwear even?

Considering that if there's nothing to turn off with the ornament options, they can just grey them out and make you unable to interact with the button, so they could conceviably have 10 different options that they can pick and choose on what you can hide, or if you can hide anything. Why they are so limited is strange.

Still, this thread might be better off on the "Suggestions" section of the forums.