MMOloda SHutting down PSO2 section after 9 years

Sony definitely moved Westward, while their global sales are on the rise - however their "home turf" has been described by many as "decisive decline"

While Sony has stressed that the "home market" remain their utmost importance, their actions have shown little to back up the claim. Will the JP game developers keep releasing games on PlayStation or put more focus on Nintendo which has been dominating JP sales for the year or Microsoft that have been pushing more and more lately in JP and recently acquired the rights for the whole Yakuza series to be playable on Xbox.

Somebody at Sega isn't paying attention to what's happening with Games Workshop, and this is the kind of self-destructive stunt I'd expect THEM to pull.

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@HermitST Not like it'll ever happen. For all we know, those rumors about Sega being a front for the Yakuza might be true.

Have you seen this?

Holy crap! I haven't. But not surprised. I just know Randy Pitchford is afraid to go to Japan.

Somebody earlier in the thread mentioned about screenshots containing modded or datamined assets. This is most likely the reason foe the C&D.

SEGA have never really cared about PSO2 screenshots being posted on social media and other websites so long as they follow the game's TOS. I checked MMOloda before the images were removed from the frontend, and the front page had clearly modded layerwear on full display. Checking through earlier images, there was UI spritesheets posted there too.

I've been archiving all that I can starting with the earlier images as there is history in there starting with PSO2's first alpha that'll be lost to time otherwise.

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There's a big change of management incoming or so Rappy.Commu said.

Sega probably got sold to Microsoft, or another Californian politics company, it is the only way these terribly bad and stupid decisions make sense.

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After the recent gaming announcements I'm more inclined Microsoft made a bigger deal with Sega than we initially thought.

Would be wild of they bought Sega off lol.

The 5th of October PSO2 Headline has something to do with a management update.

But let's be sensible. If it was something as big as Microsoft acquisition, it wouldn't be announced to the world in an NGS Headline of all things.

Probably may get mentioned in the Tokyo Game Show if that happens.

SEGA been taking pretty big whammies recently. Sakura Revolution finally shutting in July after delay in getting the offline mode working. Idola: Phantasy Star Saga has announced it is ending it's Chinese version with the servers ending October 14. SEGA releasing it's teaser for an upcoming RPG and I'm surprised they haven't turn off the likes/dislikes.

The iconic SEGA Ikebukuro Gigo arcade shut down this is after shutting down their 2nd arcade location in Akihabara and selling 85% of the arcade/amusement center business last year.

Poachers are coming, last month the Chinese gaming firm NetEase reported that they are in final talks with Nagoshi Toshihiro (Yakuza series creator) for him to leave SEGA. Not sure what became of that after China decided to limit gaming time of minors across China.

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I said "likely" which shows a possible outcome that it isn't pleasant. C'mon words aren't hard!

Beyond that Sony still has a lot of sought out games in the east. Broadening their focus to other parts of the world is hardly doomsday. Honestly you guys are sounding more like weeaboos above all else right now.

All companies exist to make money above all else. Yes there is passion in what they do, but profits need to exist to make those passions come alive. Sony, as well as many other JP companies, see that profit in other areas of thr world I'm order to make more games for their own as well as others. Perfect example of late is Ghosts of Tushima. Last I recalled it blew up in Japan and was widely loved for how authentic it was. And let's not forget A WESTERN COMPANY was in charge of it.

That along with other reasons is why I can't fall for the trope of calling doomsday when western companies get involved with Eastern companies in terms of gaming. It really just sounds like weeaboos not liking change.

Harsh that I say that, but the anime fanbase tends to be like that with these types of games and possible change. lost me when you used the term weeaboo incorrectly. That alone shows your bias n tells me you arent worth listening to any further on this matter. Btw Sony isnt a Japanese company anymore

Might be related, might not be related, it looks like sites are getting take down notices for Sonic related media, too. WaveMaster is a SEGA Sammy company that handles all their music licensing and related things.

 Don't know if you're aware, but recently Wave Master have requested remove all of its Sega game music, including all fan-made compilations of Sonic game music that are not available to buy or stream. 1/2

I mean you don't need to be an expert to know that home consoles are slowly becoming irrelevant these days in japan. Switch is the only one with respectable sales because its a portable hybrid. Japan is all about that "gaming on the go" and why so many Japanese companies are either investing more into Mobile gaming, switch ports or western appeal. Even the Vita did decently over there. Our gaming culture is much more Console/Tower PC oriented. Even in Japan, while its true that the Xbox is selling better than during the XBO days, a lot of it has to do with Game Pass. Cloud gaming through Game Pass on Smartphone is just a big selling point to Japanese people and the biggest thing keeping the brand alive over there while also serving as a solution to the dilemma many Japanese devs might face. if they wanna make an ambitious project that appeals to the japanese audience well the making a Xbox version kills 2 birds with 1 stone, doesn't it? The plastation brand is still overall stronger in japan, mainly by being around for 2 decades. But with how Sony been actively dumping on Japanese developers and games in recent years its just a matter of time before the bubble bursts

Home consoles made like 7 billion more than PC last year didn't they? PS5/Xbox Series S/X and switch show PC gaming isn't the popular choice.

Until PC gaming can last as long as consoles with console level pricing PC will never be the popular choice. People just don't have the money for gaming PC's.

Here's a decent breakdown on how 2020 looked when comparing console, PC and mobile. With how much better mobile games are getting its little surprise that they're dominating the market. More people have phones than PC's or consoles combined.

@Zeke I meant in Japan not globally. Edited my post to make that more clear

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@Zeke I meant in Japan not globally. Edited my post to make that more clear

Japan is being dominated by mobile as well. PC and console can't compare in that country.

Japan has never fully respected the PC market. Sega and Square-Enix still infect their PC games with DENUVO on release. Half the time it's poorly implemented but in Sega's case, their PC titles are just lazy emulations that get even worse with cancerous DRM installed

@Zeke yes, that's what i said.

There has been an update regarding this. Use google translate if you don't know Japanese. Not so tough now are you?