So does my clan OG PSO Xbox miss out on Guild items today?

I have a guild that I joined back in beta on 2-8-2020, but all left but me. I have over the 5K inpoints, much of it spet to upgrade to Tier 4. Howevr, I am not a ne cre nor do I have 4 memebrs. so do I miss out on the guild rewards?

i know i should have asked about this weeks ago but kept forgetting to come to forums for help. i haveapplie at other guids but no takers

If you do not have at least four members registered to your Alliance when maintenance starts, you will not get the 20SG, but you should still qualify for the Emote as long as your total accumulated Alliance Points is 5000+ even if you are your Alliance's only member.

ok, thanks. The SG would be nice but the emote is what mattered