Question on Aiming

So, I decided to change class to ranger/hunter after leveling my gunner/fighter to 75.

I am honestly loving the damage and gameplay at level 50 now. My question is more or less , how to make the most of the class.

What photon arts are people using as a rotation?

I took gravity bomb + launcher for mobbing and am using blight bullet.

When i use blight bullet do i fire all the shots or just one? The description doesn't make too much sense to me.

on to aiming. When i press l1 trigger, i find myself not cycling through weak spots. Any tall boss or monster i am almost always locked on to their feet. Should i be using the first person style camera as a ranger over the default?

Any tips on improving gameply would be great as well as anything you can share (abilities that work good on items, rings, etc..)


You only want to shoot your Weak Bullet/Blight Round once. You can and should reapply it once it wears off, though.

When locked on, flicking the right stick should cycle through available targets.

Using TPS aiming is useful if you want to hit a spot onto which you cannot lock (this only applies to a few weak points, plus you may want to aim for headshots).

i was pressing l1 over and over to cycle through locking......explains a lot actually. thanks.

It all depends with me. Sometimes I use the lock on, specially when I'm needing to be jumping around and dodging but still being accurate. Sometimes manual is needed or I just use it for fun. I also did have the same question about Blight Rounds because I just unload the whole flip into a boss's weak spot. It just seems annoying to have 9 rounds for some reason, and that I have to unload them after the first shot?

Also, in the current state of the game, what is the Rifle and launcher I should be aiming to farm or buy and start maxing out?

I personally only ever play ranger over the shoulder.. I also use Mouse and Keyboard.. but I actually have never used lock on even when using other classes. OTS aiming with rifle and launcher are great since I can just aim at exactly what I want to hit, so weak bullets go where I want when I want without fumbling with lock ons and things like that.. maybe if you're having trouble try switching to over the shoulder, at least for aiming your weak bullet .. blight bullet... sorry, still getting used to the translated names..


what do you mean unload them? I am still kinda confused on blight shot. after i fire one, what do i do? I am still just firing them away and then using PA's and JA combos.

Special Bullets, like "Blight Rounds," are attached to your Normal Attack and as such, if you keep using your Normal Attack, you will waste any of the loaded Special Bullets. What you want to do is just use a single shot of your Special Bullet, then just use PAs until you need to reapply the Special Bullet. If you need to recover PP, you have the options of taking the Skill "Tactical Trap" which allows you to recover PP using Traps and Grenades, or taking "Dive Roll Shot" and "Dive Keep Shot," which allow you to do a Dodge Attack that recovers PP without wasting a Special Bullet.

Also, this could help also. When it comes to the Blight Bullets, I only put enough points into the skill tree to carry 2 with the lowest cooldown without it bumping it up to 3 bullets. This lets me get back to using Normal attacks for PP sooner, while also having an extra for using against separate targets or reapplying after the first is gone, and the cooldown at that point isn't very long.

There's another skill in your tree that lets you hold onto special bullets while switching to a different weapon, so that could be another thing to look into for special bullet management.

My "go to" PAs honestly I forget what the in-game names are so I just call them "slide shot" and "charged shot." Slide Shot lets you dive sideways or backwards a fairly long distance while spraying bullets, so it's a great "defensive strike" move that gets you out of the way while still firing back (and covering easily 2-3 times the distance as the standard dive roll). The charged shot is exactly what it sounds like. You charge up this ball of destructive energy and it plows through everything in its path while dealing some pretty heavy damage. But, I am fairly new to the game, only been playing for about a week and haven't dug too deeply into the intricacies of the game (there's a lot to absorb and as you've noticed in-game descriptions are virtually worthless in terms of providing any sort of useful details so I'm just kinda winging it). I also use the "Flashbang" grenade and the "Gravity well" grenade (again, can't remember off the top of my head what they're actually called).

Basically my approach is to spam slide shot on boss fights until the boss stands still or I run out of PP, throw both grenades and spray a few regular attacks until PP is topped off again, wash, rinse, and repeat all the while looking for an opening to fire off the charged shot energy blast (since you can't move while charging up). When I've got a "party" (Urgent Quests matchmaking or loading up NPCs/Player Shadows) to keep the boss distracted I can focus on alternating between charged shots and topping up PP with regular attacks while saving the slide shot only as a means of dodging an attack.

@Ilúvatar i have a question about locked on aiming. When I'm locked in and use the dodge button to dodge the game makes me roll/dodge around the side of the enemy still getting hit usually. Am I using it right? If i pull back then yeah I'll dodge backwards but dodging sideways i still get hit ahout 65% of the time

@UmemeMfalme It's not just you, that's just how it works. If you want a straight sideways dive you have to disable the lock-on. Which is why I changed it from "toggle" to "hold." I just have to remember to let go of the lock-on button (LB for me) or I end up rolling right into the boss, same as you. Been using the Ranger's PA, I forget the name of it, but you basically launch yourself into a much longer dive while spraying bullets. It's a good evasive technique if you've got enough PP left to use it.

@zaffy2005 ok cool. I'm not crazy. Much appreciated zaffy. Thanks for the assist

@UmemeMfalme No prob, hope it helps.