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So just starting to get to end game content and was wondering what everyone's go to Techniques are. Seems alot ofnpeople like lightning and light techniques.

Foie. Ra Foie, Gi Foie, Na Foie, GI Zonde, Na Zonde, Megid, Grant, Ra Grant, Gi Grant, Na Grant, Il Grant are the best DPS Techs in the game for NA PSO2 (At the moment) . Each tech are good in their own situation.

I believe Barta, Rabarta, Ilbarta, and Sabarta should be mentioned as well.

@Midori-Oku in the current state of NA you don't even bother putting points into the Ice tree, which make Ice Tech irrelevant.

I'm just stating them. It varies from person to person.

@Midori-Oku Fair enough

I dont really spec into ice myself. I still believe they are worth mentioning for those who do.

No love for Gizonde? I mean, it's Chain Lightning, man...

(tl;dr: just my $.50, YMMV, do not feed after midnight, do not get wet.)

Just for a bit of perspective, I have been playing nearly all the classes (after getting Ra/Gu to 75) incorrectly and running around with a pure DEX mag. (Gu/Te? Fo/Bo? Who does that?) Before I hit Fo 75 in the wee hours this morning, with a Psycho Wand +8, I was poking the weak bits of the Falz Arms for a minimum of 45k/shot (6 charged shots to empty PP)--jumps to 75k crit if I tagged a good weak bullet mark with Photon Flare up and a boosted Techer's Deband/Shifta (plus whatever that other green non-food boost is.) Then there's the additional big damage if another arm happened to be close by. In the same fight, I saw others using Nazonde (guessing for the higher base potency), but the numbers I was being shown from that were pitifully small, even for a DoT (haven't tried it myself.) Additionally, you're left vulnerable/immobile while you hold the tech; gizonde allows you to walk around as it charges. Another neat combat trick (with gizonde charged,) is if you jump while holding a direction and discharge during the jump, you will move in a straight line in that direction & height at full run speed for the duration of the discharge, retaining "running" status at the end (changing direction mid-jump also allowed.) Ride the Lightning, anyone?

Regardless of elemental suitability, my experience would put gizonde over zondeel for mobbing simply based on efficiency for most circumstances--no need for weapon-switching, and no calling down all/sundry on your squishy head. Based on what I've been seeing, I think gizonde may even have a greater overall reach. One major exception is a PSE during a UQ, then zondeel wins on a talis.

Here's the arrangement I was running around with; at the end, I only ever switched to the talis on 1 for the exception mentioned, otherwise it was #3 all the time... alt text

One last note: Nafoie would see limited use on the normal Daybreak boss--there's no way I wanted to get caught close when the ice melted. Sabarta for the rare Daybreak boss, Ilmegid for Altar dragon bosses, Rafoie for all the wolf bosses/spider/beetle, never really used wind much. Zap all the other things.