11 12 star Eggs

@WillfulChart930 That is mainly through scratches or through Personal Shops at the moment I am not sure anywhere else that it could be found given I have yet to see it drop in a mission so far. Its like 2-3 mil at the moment and worth every penny

Got my first 12-star Egg (Melon) in the Lillipia Ultimate Quest yesterday after many hours of grinding. I use mostly Maron/Melon exclusively, and most of my egg drops also seem to be Maron/Melon (not sure if that's related? Seem so).

I also got my first ever slave weapon drop during the same run.. a slave gunblade. ;_;

@Gurgles I think he's just the default 12* in the ult quest unless it's a 13, I think that summoner was not released till Episode 4 has a factor to play in this also

@Blackichan08 that is something to truly consider which is why the candy box is so critical to start building.

@PhantasyStar719 yes my boxs are coming along perfectly I just need more sweet's added now to be honest

I was just a low level summoner when I somehow got a 12* Wanda egg. I think it came from an urgent quest, but I was newb enough at the time that I don't recall the details.