11 12 star Eggs

so where do i get higher rarity for redran ? highest i have seen is 9*

@WillfulChart930 9 is currently the highest you can get shame as I want that Crit Sunday, maybe next week's new UQ will give a higher one who know's we also don't have the Grass pet yet added either.

edit : This week's new UQ starting on the 1st

when was grass added ? EP4 ?

@WillfulChart930 No idea I did not play the JPN version But i hope we get collection file's with sweet's in august only being able to get 2 support roll's and the only Sunday at the moment is megaton is really annoying.

@Blackichan08 ok bad news here i just checked the wiki and Glass was just released recently on june 10th 2020 which mean it's a latest content so Glass on NA is not gonna happen until 10 years later since we dont even have craft here3

@WillfulChart930 RIP that suck's he looks so cute but I'm happy reking boss's at moment with Synchro he's soooooo strong, well that means we wont get grass at until December. Could you link the wiki I would love to have look to see if I can get some info on what collection file's might be added in Aug

from what i have gathered Glass is an upgraded version from Redran like wanda - jinga

it is more boss focus than Redran and the max lock on targets are 4

@WillfulChart930 Yeah I saw all that information somewhere else it also has it's own personalty if you hatch it normal without enhances radien.

to be fair only reason i want the upgrade is for the title and the sweet

i just got 11* synchro from las vegas UQ

@lily-rain Yes, Las Vegas UQ drops 11, 12, and 13* synchro.

The Devil Trucks drop them, and apparently theres an ultra rare chance of a 13* dropping from both the non-rare and rare variants.

how do you upgrade wanda to jinga ? i have a wanda at max lv

@WillfulChart930 You need a Jinga Egg of equal or higher rarity to your current Wanda, then at the Pet Lab you can evolve the Wanda using the Egg.

where do i find the elemetal transiotion ? the one use to change pet element

Magatsu used to drop the 11 star pets for me at least; I did get a 13* Popple though from the Ultimate Quest in the forest by a rare chance off Anga. I got 12 star viola i know for sure from Wind and Rain EQ. I think the drop rates are truly dependent on luck sadly because I know an alliance member of mine got the 13* Sally from the Las Vegas EQ. Like some of the other posters through in this thread i can attest to looking at the details (Quest Info) when highlighting a mission you can see pretty much the tables for that area.