11 12 star Eggs

What good are 12 star gold eggs?

@ErK18e7 I'm guessing you are talking about EXP or Bonus Eggs. These are just used as food to level your PEt.

Just a heads up that the new UQ mini-boss has been dropping mad 10 star eggs. I've only gotten viola so far from it. i'll update if I get others.

I found a 13 star exp gold egg... and a 11 star Wanda egg what's the purpose of the 13 star exp egg? The same as the other exp eggs or what?

@ErK18e7 It is just Pet food that gives a large amount of EXP to your Pet.

would i be better off with a 10 star jinga or an 11 star wanda

One of my pets but all my pets have Item drop rate on them.

Pet Melon.png


10* Jinga by far. He out-damages my 13* Aero and Popple (all with as best candy boxes as they can get right now) along with full stats. It's kind of a joke. I've been farming for a 13* Jinga for weeks now. No luck yet 😞

So what is the actual ceiling on egg rarities, and where are they dropping? I've been stuck on 10 star Jinga, 9 star Synchro, and 8 star Redran ever since I started Summoner at 55 (after subclassing it), and am now level 70. Got an 11 star Melon from Magatsu part 1 earlier, but I really would like to update my three main pets.


Right now in the PSO2 NA its ★12, think you can get them from SH Adv Quests and ★13 from the Ultimate Quests. Now in the PSO2 JP its ★14 is the eggs.

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So are there just not 10+ star eggs for Synchro and Redran in NA right now, if even the Ultimate quests aren't dropping them?

@PurpleBomber No. Synchro will drop in EP4 content (Las Vegas FF + one of the first urgents) and Redran only has upgrades from urgents afaik -- also EP4. Unless the people running pso2na change some of the drop tables (or a seasonal before ep4 drops them) you can't upgrade those pets.

Guess I'll just finish leveling then and move to the next class.

11 star Synchro is dropping in the VR uq on eh

@PrinceDoodle I got a 13 Star from it last night so it's at cap now