11 12 star Eggs

Has anyone seen 11 and 12 star eggs? Been grinding 50+ AQ's Urgents anything I can do only been finding 9 stars and 2 10 star sally eggs. I already have the collection 10 Star eggs

There aren't Level 11+ disks yet, so it might be the same with eggs, unless you've seen 11+ star ones on the player shops.

@DeonJDR You can check quest logs. I could see some records of 11 or 12 star eggs in exploration SH or AQ SH logs, but seeing from the item counts, these looks like extremely rare.

SH what does that stand for?

@Fiona-Respha lol nm Super Hard im a dork lol

The best egg I have seen drop personally was during an urgent quest a few days ago, which was a 10* Sally egg. However, I got very lucky while appraising eggs and managed to get a 12* Sally egg.

@UpscaleCrayon44 Appraising eggs is not a random process in regards to rarity or Pet type, it is just an opportunity to select an Element you would like for the unknown Pet. That egg dropped as a 12* Sally. CG.

@Jessie-Reese there is higher eggs but you have to get them from the collection folder. There is one i dont know how to get yet and that is the rappy pet.

@KnightDawn587 The collection folder is only 10* evolutions and Rappy is from an event i think.

@ReVenTion 10* Rappy was originally an Item Code from a physical product, but then they added the 13* version as a drop from Episode 4 and 5 Urgent Quest bosses and Lv71+ ARKS Rappies.

There is rumors of a Rappy egg from random Rappy's on PSO2 day guessing it's an old joke but I have nothing better to do during the stay at home order so I am going to spend the day chaining SH forest explore will post later if I find anything good

@Miarkraim As I mentioned above, on the JPN server 13* Rappy Eggs can drop from lv71+ ARKS Rappies, ie. the special PSO2 Day Rappies that are dressed in the default Hunter's costume. It is entirely possible they decided to add lower rarity Rappy Eggs to NA as a drop from ARKS Rappies, but I'm not too sure on that.

I had no luck with a Rappy egg will check the quest stats after next Tuesday's maintenance and see if anyone had any luck Though they should be in the game somewhere as there's a title for getting an 80 Rappy

I have seen another summoner with the rappy pet so they are obtainable. I have also gotten a 12 star wanda drop myself but only once so far. Havnet even gotten many 10 star eggs. Just two so far and both were from the new boss UQ, Dark Falnz or whatever the name is.

ive also seen that some of the eggs evolve and im not even sure how that happens cause ive been trying with wanda and have seen people with them. Any ideas on how to get the evolve to happen?