We are Azure Infinitum, a multi-game clan and community brand that has just opened our PSO2:NGS Alliance and are seeking new members to join us!

Activity & Growth

We have about 14 players so far in our community and building, most are moderately active throughout the week, and we're seeking YOU and others to join us for spoils and glory under the Azure skies! We have just begun to move members of our larger community into our PSO2:NGS Alliance, so this is the very beginning of something awesome!


Azure Infinitum runs a weekly Alliance event every week where we run PSE Bursts, Towers, and more! Things are somewhat simple at the moment, but we intend to accomplish great things and have a great time together. As activity increases, the stars are the limit, we plan to increase weekly activities!

Currently we are grouping every Saturday at 9pm ET/6pm PT for Alliance activity, but look to expand our event times and days as we grow.

Who's Welcome?

Anyone is welcome to join! We believe in upholding our universal Rules Charter as an Active, Organized, and Friendly Community, and keep a No-Drama policy! Whether you're brand new, a veteran, casual, hardcore, quiet, or loud, you've got a home in Azure!

Get Involved, or Try Us Out Today!

Since we use our Discord Server to begin grouping for our events at their start times, and use our server as a sort of base of operations for our overall Azure Infinitum community, we welcome you to not only join our alliance by requesting an invite from Discord users: Arcean of Ulric#6666 and/or flutterborn#9931, but also join us at our Discord Server at where you can choose the PSO2:NGS role from our #role-select channel. Check out our PSO2 chat channel as well!

You're also welcome to check out our community site where our PSO2 Alliance (Azure Wing) page lives and where you can register and join us and add your PSO2 character to our roster at our main website found at

Looking to see you there!