Best rod for force tech?

So, my biggest question is which would be best for someone that almost always relys on Dark? The Psycho Pass? Or should I take the Gravilios i already have and convert it to Dark element?.

@psstars if I was you i would stick with the Psycho wand. The Gravilios main focus is ice attacks, while the Psycho wand focus increasing the potency and the pp reduction of your tech attacks.


Thanks for the response. Yup, been playing with a psycho wand +30. Not wanting to focus on getting it up to +35 just yet as I level other classes, and seeing if we will have new episodes and better weapons soon.

@AndrlCh With Nemesis being a thing, is it taking Psycho wand spot?

@Pulptenks Yes, Nemesis is objectively better than the Psycho Wand.

I dont want to buy a nemesis wep just yet so im sticking with my Clarita Visus. Anyone know which weapon potential I should unlock if I plan to use for a short bit till I get a nemesis drop?

@AndrlCh Is that 5% from a 13 really that big of a difference? I'm currently using a Psycho wand lvl 30 Dark and im a Dark Tech Force.

@lilpandaTina Go with Sacred Spirit Undertaking since it is a general damage bonus. Phantom Bud actually causes you to lose damage as you increase your Photon Blast gauge, meaning that it is most effective only if you unequip your Mag, which is counter productive to your damage.

@Pepper_PSO When compared to most 13*s, Psycho Wand is still the one of the best options for general use because its very high TEC-Pwr and high multiplier pretty much overcome that 5% Elemental Conversion loss. However, when compared to Nemesis/Slave on-element, Psycho is ~14% weaker.

@AndrlCh Good to know! Thank you!