Best rod for force tech?

What is the best rod for force/techer class. I mainly use lightning and light attacks and I use gravilios and upgraded it to a +3. I'm just wondering if there's a better rod before I upgrade it further.

I don't know what other 13* Rods are available right now, so I'll just mention the three I know are in:

Gravilios: At +30, it increases Ice Tech damage by 20%.

Caduceus: At +30, it increase Light Tech Damage by 17%.

Revolsio: At +30, increases Charged Tech Damage by 8%.

Don't forget to also take into account the Elemental percentage of the weapon for the sake of Element Conversion; Gravilios and Caduceus as obtained from the Badge Shop have 20% which means Element Conversion gives an additional 10% damage for using a Tech that matches the weapon's element and 9% for not matching, so if you find a Revolsio with say 40% Element, it does 20% on-element and 18% off-element, meaning that it could be stronger even with a Potential with lower damage.

Yea, mine has tec per 1203 and light 40. I'm very new to this game but I'm learning. I still don't know what's a good armour for my character or what's the fastest way to lvl up from 60-75. I'm just bsing is all the way through

Between the three, without Abilities, at +30 this is their TEC:

Gravilios: ~1494 TEC

Caduceus: ~1489 TEC

Revolsio: ~1465 TEC

Ultimately, if you are good with only having a boost to Ice Techs via its Potential, then your current Rod should be good for now since you do have a 40% Element and you can probably get enough Badges to get it all the way up to 60% for Element Conversion's max damage.

Oh I may have screwed up then. Majority of my attacks are light and lightning. I've been learning how to use dark but I have zero points on fire and ice. But I do have elemental conversion all the way up.

@Kaitou-Chris Honestly, for now you should be fine. Once we get a bit more content, there will be better Rods that have Potentials that are not linked to just one type of Element, but rather are general Damage boosts. As long as you have Element Conversion maxed and a high Element, you should be doing decent numbers with the content we have now, regardless of what type of Tech you use.

Useful information, thank you!

How do those compare the the Psycho Wand, better/worse?

Psycho Wand

  • 1537 TEC @ +30
  • Potential (Eternal Protection): 15% Damage boost and PP cost reduction when using Techs.
  • Potential (Ultimate Protection): 21% PP cost reduction

Just keep in mind that since it is a 12☆, its element will only reach 50% as opposed to 13☆'s 60%; this means that you get 25%/22.5% from Elemental Conversion with Psycho Wand as opposed to 30%/27% from any 13☆.

That seems the best option, just the only problem is it being extremely expensive...

So would an ideal setup be Gravilios equipped with ice techs, Caduceus with light techs, and Revolsio for the other 4?

I actually just noticed there are a few other 13☆ Rods that you can get (Not sure if I have the names exactly right):

Weddle Park:

  • ~1429 TEC @ +30
  • Potential (Photon Sphere): 13% Damage bonus against Falspawn
  • Potential (Weaponoid Booster): 8% Damage Bonus. Increase in Poison Rate. An additional 12% Damage bonus to enemies that are Poisoned.

Clarita Visas:

  • ~1447 TEC @ +30
  • Potential (Photon Sphere): 13% Damage bonus and 30% healing boost
  • Potential (Weaponoid Booster): 16% Damage bonus with an empty Photon Blast Gauge; the Damage bonus goes down as the Gauge increases, and resets when you use your Photon Blast.

Aura Estur:

  • ~1486 TEC @ +30
  • Potential (Photon Sphere): 12% Damage bonus and 15% Damage reduction when fighting a Mini-Boss or Boss

@AndrlCh Thank you very much! I spent a lot of meseta levelling psycho wand up to 30. Thank goodness I saved alot of deo and sigma weapons for enhancements.

Finally got around to doing the damage calculator for these: alt text

This is assuming that for Elemental Conversion, you are at max elemental %, and that you are using a hypothetical 1000 power single-hit Tech that matches the Rod's element.

Ultimately, the strongest conditional one is a 60% Ice Gravalios when using Ice Techs, but for general use with all Techs, Psycho Wand is the best choice even though it gets 5% less from Elemental Conversion than the other Rods since it can only reach 50% element.

I used to have a rainbow palette of rods, each one with their own element boost. Now there are better options but not sure what's in the current NA game.