How would you feel about a relaunch?

Hello everyone.

So, I don't think it needs saying about how bad the situation is for NGS. Let me first say that I love the game. I've been a fan since the first online game, not that it matters. I'm not here to bash or hate on it. I love this franchise. I played it on the cube and not the cast. I was a child then and now I'm an adult and can look at both sides with a cool collected mind. Whether you like the game or not, the amount of players are dropping more and more by the day. There are constant complaints about how the game is being managed and no real feedback from the community feels like it is being taken into consideration. How many blocks do you think we could fill at the moment?

Let me get straight to the point. Even though I feel like it will run on deaf ears, I want NGS to be a successful game and I'd like to know if you would be willing to let the game close down for a certain period of time. 6 months? 1 year? More? Maybe restructure and focus specifically on the game and content and not scratches. Then after certain time period, relaunch the game. Maybe under a new name to get rid of the NGS stigma. (What do you think would be a good name?)

We don't have anything to do really besides wait on a storm, a few urgent quests that are completely randomized (at least to us) and some repeatable daily and weekly quests we've been doing for a while now and that isn't going to change anytime soon. There are a number of things we should have on NGS. Private quarters, alliance quarters, casino are just a few. But wait you say! Those are on base. Why not do them there? I think its safe to say that base isn't getting anymore updates. There wont be any new items or games coming to them. Me, personally, I've felt after the defeat of primordial darkness, that I haven't had really a reason to continue playing base now that I know the story is over and complete. Swapping in between the two games is a hassle too. I can't see urgent quests for NGS when they pop because there is no schedule. I really feel like the private quarters needs a new model. I didn't really like bases private quarters. It feels very old and outdated. A casino area in central city would be a nice addition and updated NGS prizes to go with it.

Maybe this stuff is coming. Maybe not. I don't know. Who knows what they have planned and what is in the works. I feel as though all of this should have been available to us at launch. There should have been more story and definitely more kinds of quests. Also an additional 2 extra areas would be great as well. Namely the desert and frozen area we get to stare at while doing the same things over and over.

This game doesn't feel like it was ready to be launched. I feel like it was either forced to launch or mismanaged very poorly. I understand that Covid-19 happened as well and that slowed a lot of things down for everyone. We've all been affected by this and that may have played a part in the development of NGS. There is really no real reason to buy premium other than to sell stuff. Scratch tier prizes need to be reworked. There are a lot of people who want those change motions, but charging 90$ to reach them is ridiculous. They know people want them and they've purposely put there to force people into purchasing them. I can understand rewarding your spenders with something special like the motions, but please reconsider the price. You may get more people willing to spend x amount versus z amount.

So after all of that, how would you feel if Sega announced "Hello ARKS. After much consideration, we've decided to temporarily discontinue service for NGS so that we may focus on making NGS the world it should be and meet your expectations. We currently are planning to bring NGS back online at (date here) and look forward to see you join us in Halpha then." or however they would word it. Would you be in agreement or disagreement? Do you want them to continue on their current path because you think they can recover from this? Is it because you've invested into the game that would affect your decision on the matter? Would you want a total shutdown of the game or just have base running? Maybe even have renewal scratches appear if they just have to have something going?

I would support their decision if they decided on closing the game down and bringing it up later time with much more content and bug fixes. Relaunching a game always brings a considerable new amount of players to a game. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What are your suggestions and thoughts?

A relaunch solves nothing.

Sega has already lost my trust. If they suddenly came out with an update tomorrow that gave the game years worth of content, and made everything right - I still would not play NGS again, ever.

The trust & money I put into Global PSO2 wasn't valued by Sega. My feedback was never valued by Sega. My time was never valued by Sega. Even when I put faith & trust into Sega when they came out and said NGS was going to release in a year, and that PSO2 would be fine - that trust was violated.

If I don't play Sega's games then I can no longer be burned by Sega.

Fixing NGS isn't the problem anymore. NGS was simply a wake up call that I can no longer (and should never have) trust Sega.

So what you're asking is "how would people feel if sega released a half-assed game that they will put into maintenance mode as soon as it's out, milk as much money out of people as they can, close shop and start/continue work on PSO2: The True Genesis that they will release later, which may or may not end up as a similiar fuck up"? Heh, ever heard of Bless Online?

@Yggranya Indeed I have. And I also have heard of FFXIV. One has been successful and the other not so much at relaunching. The release of half finished games has been a trend ongoing that I would like to see addressed by developers, but that is beyond my control. Unfinished buggy games.

However, that is not what I'm asking. What is done is done and we can't change the past. I had no control over the decisions and choices they made. What you're saying I'm asking is something would more have fitted before the launch of NGS. We are well into the games life. What I am looking at is now and moving forward.

@DazedDay Yeah, and the game might be a failure regardless of what they do. If they wanted to make the game properly, they could have just shoved deadlines up the backside of whoever makes decisions at sega, but obviously they didn't have any capability to make any such decisions. Either the game will get better from here or it's doomed to obscurity.

Starting from the beginning is no guarantee of anything.

I must admit I'm not sure how much developmental benefit shutting the game down would actually provide.

The FFXIV situation was that significant portions of the entire world, setting and gameplay mechanisms needed to be overhauled in a way that served the game as a whole better for it to be taken down for a while.

NGS isn't a calamitously flawed world with broken gameplay mechanisms. The problem doesn't need the Aelio region or the Halpha map to be redesigned. It just needs a ton of content to be put into its empty world, which is a developmental effort. So taking the game down would primarily relieve support staff and cosmetic design staff, neither of which can develop the game anyway (and if on the payroll would remain an expense).

Moreover the biggest saving it would make on developmental staff is their bug fixing efforts that were particularly prominent in the first 2 months of NGS before that giant bugfix update. But most of those bugs were fixed because players found and reported them. If the game had been taken down for an overhaul prior to the Gigantix update for instance, a hypothetical NGS:ARR would relaunch with terrible Gigantix behaviour still. So there's been benefit to the game being up and that would continue.

The only way to fix any of this is go petition Microsoft to do so. We saw nothing get done/happen when the people begged but when we had help from someone from Microsoft to help push our agenda we atleast got stuff done. I would recommend that the people hit up Microsoft lead to help us reason with Sega in some way as the head lead shared the same passion as us.

More like there's nothing to lose for me as a player. Though I'm doubtful that in itself would help much because the game we have was in development for a while.

I get the feeling there's something very wrong. I don't know if they don't have enough people, they're too busy with the engine and bugs, mismanagement, ect.

That'll totally not upset everyone who spent money on scratches. I know the economy sucks but this would just prompt the whales to leave.

@Miraglyth I don't believe for a second that cosmetic design staff would be utterly useless. If there is a team responsible for creating items to sell to us, (and believe me we all have seen how fast they can pump out cosmetics to sell to us) then that same team could have the ability to design things like weapons, enemies, objects that go into the world. Even possibly planning for future events.

I'm not saying they need to rebuild NGS from the ground up. I think the Aelio region is perfectly fine. Its just like you say though, we need a ton of content. Its going at a drip pace that is gobbled up instantly the moment it is released and then people start complaining that there is nothing to do again and again. Now a lot of people don't think that the game will survive to the "big winter update part1."

As far as fixing bugs go, it will always be an ongoing issue, but they could always have another beta test. And really hopefully a proper beta test and not something like an early access which seems to be another thing developers are doing. Even 14 had a beta test before they relaunched the game officially.

@Neosiotype Forgive me if I am misunderstanding you, but could you clarify? Shutting the game down does not mean deleting your character and items. It just means you can't log in until they put the server up.

Gobbled is a strong word. It implies there was a lot to consume.

@Furious-0 Well thank you for the much needed laugh. I needed that. I guess a gulp would be more fitting.

@DazedDay said in How would you feel about a relaunch?:

I don't believe for a second that cosmetic design staff would be utterly useless. If there is a team responsible for creating items to sell to us, (and believe me we all have seen how fast they can pump out cosmetics to sell to us) then that same team could have the ability to design things like weapons, enemies, objects that go into the world. Even possibly planning for future events.

Little to none of that list would solve the game's problems though.

  • We don't need 20+ different 4★ weapon series and their addition wouldn't add depth or replayability - players would just collectively choose one weapon from each series to call BiS and focus on that, making the rest redundant.

  • More enemies would be nice, but are you talking regular mook cannon-fodder that would just add minimal variety to open-world travel or more notable enemies like bosses that would need to be added as part of a UQ which is consequently more effort on the part of developers than modellers, riggers and animators?

  • What are "objects?" More useless doodads like the camp sites littering the world providing nothing of value?

we need a ton of content. Its going at a drip pace that is gobbled up instantly the moment it is released and then people start complaining that there is nothing to do again and again.

Sounds to me like the solution is content that takes more time to get through, like a progression system (think mags, auxiliaries, crafting or depth floors from PSO2). Nothing NGS has done that yet, so everything including the UQs is one-and-done and you've seen all there is to see of them.

@Miraglyth Level cap is moving up to 35 and beyond. It goes without saying we aren't going to have 4 star weapons forever. We also have more classes to be introduced which will also need weapons designed for them. More time that won't be on development times hands. Enemies yes, I'm talking about both. One person doesn't create it. I'm sure they could use a hand. Reading forums I've seen people complaining during events they reused the same enemies. Perhaps event specific enemies would be different with different attack methods? Objects are the things you see out and about in the world. Like yes, those odd campsites. They're there for whatever reason. Probably an attempt to make the world feel "more lived in" or something so its not just trees, grass and rocks. I'm not expecting the desert area to be just "desert" just like the arctic to be just "snow and ice" with maybe a cactus here and and icicle there. There will be more areas (eventually) and they will need to work on those environments as well. Planning and working ahead of time will always help too.

I'm not saying that this will be the ends all solution to the problem. I don't know what kind of stress they're under and what is taking place at their hq. What I am saying is if the plate is too big for the "teams" to handle, then surely they could use some help from wherever they can get it to help push out or develop more content in a more timely fashion (Not phasion). We're sitting away comfortable in our chairs playing a game and talking about how bad it is and we really have no clue whats going on there. The truth is I don't know what is taking place behind their closed doors, but it's not looking good. Under my team I manage at my work, I have to ensure that all my employees are able to perform duties of the next worker. I may not have that person the next day and I would have to have a backup plan to make sure things get done. Most businesses run like this as well. I would be a little frustrated at myself if I had one person come in and be like "ok your job is to design shoes and shoes only, you, you design pants, you the torso oh and uhhh, if uhh, I gotta close my store down, well I got nothing for ya cause thats all you know. Guess you're sol. See ya."

I am all for a progression style system as well. I liked the relic weapons from the final fantasy. An alternate means of getting great weapons that took work and effort and was not solely based on RNG. Armors could follow the same plan.