Dear Alliance Leaders & SEGA,

As a long time member of the PSO2 community, and a long time supporter of the Phantasy Star franchise as a whole, I am humbly pleading to you and requesting as one of the players and supporters of your latest game Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis to implement Alliance Functionality as soon as humanly possible, and to prioritise the incorporation of Alliance Quarters, Tasks and other various Alliance related features.

I ask that this be done with the utmost urgency due to the sharp decline in Alliance activity across the board.

It is no secret that the number of players has decreased, the result of this is that the number of active Alliances has decreased, this holds true for many Alliances and I'm sure your in-house data shows this.

The Forums have also seen a decline in recruitment posts and requests to join Alliances.

I ask that you provide us, the players of your game, whom without there would be no said game, the tools we need to manage, moderate, interact and entertain our Alliances and members.

It is my hope that you can enact these changes swiftly, to demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with your players, as by not cooperating we will most certainly be unable to continue playing your game.

I have provided a short summary of requested features to be implemented without delay below, I'm sure these are all very reasonable and could be implemented within a reasonable time frame, this meaning not Summer 2022 or Winter 2023.

  • Alliance Quarters or Alliance Specific Towns (With custom themes, and Administrators)
  • Alliance Stat Buffs (Photon Tree, or similar)
  • Alliance Points System (obtained via Task / Quest completion)
  • Alliance Specific Tasks (Obtained via Alliance Administrator)
  • Alliance Ranking System (Points, Rare Drops, No. of Quests Cleared / Enemies beaten)
  • Alliance Specific Quests (Alliance only Triggers, or Raids, can be part of a ranking system)
  • Alliance Member Limit Increase (200 Members, 100 is too small)
  • Alliance Member Activity Stats (For leaders, last login date, points earned)
  • Alliance Exclusive Shop (Boosters, Triggers, Accessories, exclusive costumes etc)

This list could obviously go on but I believe the point has been made.

With the very noticeable decline in players it has become very difficult for Alliance Leaders to continue managing their once bustling Alliances, without the tools and features we need to continue managing these Alliances, there simply is no point to Alliances in New Genesis and they are glorified Chat Rooms, to put it very bluntly.

I'm sure you and the players of your game find this to be a reasonable request, and I hope a resolution to this worsening issue can be achieved by working with your players and cooperating, because cooperation is what will make New Genesis the game of the decade.

Transparency is key, and if you are unable to enact these changes and provide us with the tools we require, or if you are unable to comment on this matter and provide further information on your plans, or express your thoughts in an official manner with transparent information then you are not only dismissing us as players but you are also dismissing our much required feedback which will inevitably cause distrust between the players and the creators, and widen the gap between us as a community.

I have been asked to remove players from our Alliance because they no longer wish to play the game due to the lack of transparency on the games future and the management, this is not something I wish to continue doing.

Leaders, I ask that you respond to this thread with your own feedback, together through cooperation is the way forward for us all.

I would also encourage that you create your own threads to further push that feedback.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, and with much hope,

A player