Even Rappy Burst is abandoning PSO2 NGS. lol

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How much more of a shit show can this game be? It's not enough that Sega of Japan are messing things up, we now have the community manager of global accusing one of the biggest contributers of the community of doing something against ToS. How can this person be so stupid?

I see that they have apologised now, but really, the damage is done. It was the last thing this game needed.

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@BannedCheeseCake while I disapprove of the accusation thrown at Ani/RappyBurst, SEGA is really not in the position to do this - they might as well just give everyone the 14 alpha reactors for logging in or make them pop at the same permanent spots if they are just going to tell you where they are every day. This is indeed something that should be left to the community.

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Is there any confirmation they were banned from fleet?

Also looking though there personal twitter they have done similar things before about saying transphobia.

I'd post ss of deleted tweets but you know

@A-Silver-King Yes, when you get banned all of your messages within last 24 hours or 7 days get deleted. If you simply leave, these messages stay. Despite announcing her leave, said announcement can't be found anymore nor any other posts she made within the last 7 days. Posts replying to her can't load their original message anymore too. Implying their deletion was part of the ban.

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I'm...not a fan of the Arks Fleet moderation standard. Some of the mods regularly throw around a lot of derogatory remarks and push their private opinions around using their "mod" status while the server owner happily backs them up and insults people who report these incidents for review. Unlike Arks Fleet, Rappy Burst has been nothing but professional and reliable to date. In fact, they post nothing else but their AR maps and occasional retweets/announcements about stuff from the official PSO2:NGS twitter account. This CM's harassment appears to be extremely unjustified in all the context I've seen so far, even if I feel that their remark about transphobia in Arks Fleet most likely has actual substance in one context or another especially in private conversations with related server mods. I've thankfully yet to be a target of their....strange behavior, but it's discomforting enough just seeing multiple mods contributing towards these....incidents while everyone else falls silent for momentarily as if they're afraid to speak out. Enough to make me not want to go in there for anything else but useful data sheets or specific questions in class channels.

That's what makes Rappy Burst's departure such a big hit - they're the gold standard for PSO2 related communities, and they're gone. The most professional, reliable, albeit extremely specialized community resource is no more. We're left with Arks Fleet and its highly dubious moderation standards....and maybe the JP counterpart to Rappy Burst posting maps 7-8 hours after reset. That's all that's left. Dying game, dying community.

Seriously SEGA, do something.

@Lanre there is currently no real JP counterpart to RappyBurst on the JP side. Even the JP used RappyBurst because it is posted the new locations hours before JP even updates - most people that were doing it stopped because they really couldn't compete. I know カッパしゅー still posts alphareactors and yellow crates locations but like today, it was posted 8hrs after JP reset, meaning its 15hrs after global reset. He is just a single person doing it as a hobby and even he said he has to refer to RappyBurst for some locations sometimes.

Most JP used RappyBurst and are sad to see it go



and you can see on the RappyBurst's twitter, the JP announcement has now 6 times more retweets than the EN version.

@HarmlessSyan that's....just a damn shame. Guess we never really know what we had until we lose it.

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Official Discord this morning was an interesting place to be considering these things.

Inappropriate behavior from whomever or not, the fact remains that the game is in such a sad state that someone dedicated enough to the game to run a fansite and map resources has quit. That's a lot of time and effort being tossed out the window, which speaks volumes about NGS in it's current state.