Even Rappy Burst is abandoning PSO2 NGS. lol

@BannedCheeseCake Gonna be an empty ocean if its all whales.

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@FollowTheFaceless that probably won't happen since the community manager has been hating on Rappy Burst and is now trying to defame them with baseless accusations. So this Major part of community, loved by both GL and JP players, won't reach anyone in charge unless devs themselves hear about it on their own accord.

Do you have more context on this? Genuinely curious.

I personally preferred all the posts by Rappy Burst as they offered a much more professional, and appropriate way of handling PSO2 news updates, whereas the official Twitter was and still is just rather childish, focuses entirely on memes, makes a point of expressing their own opinion instead of staying neutral, constantly posts on their main account to further show folks they're the one in charge of it and I am not interested in seeing them advertise their character every other post, it feels like shameless narcissism.

This is an opinion, hope I don't get banned for an opinion, a friend of mine recently had to wait a month to get unblocked from the Twitter for voicing their opinion, it's disgraceful.


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@JoycieC ill send you the copy pasta over DM because i know it'll get deleted if i post it here.

share some as well, wondering what the accusations are

Before RappyBurst, I followed another twitter, they do a community effort to collect information from players who are willing to share the Alpha Reactor locations, combine it then share it. Later on I switched to RappyBurst because it's faster due to Global having Alpha Reactors available a few hours early, cause the twitter I followed is from JP version, which has Alpha Reactors being late to spawn compare to Global. So the only thing I know on how to collect these is by a common community effort.

I'm not the type who'd straight up believe claims and/or interview answers especially when screenshots don't always explain the chronological order of each event that happened (in this case one that quits, and one that makes a claim). Regardless of what's true or not, I think being careless can really cause a public issue that shouldn't be around to take care about.

I'm trying to be as implicit as I can cause, you know. 😰

I make a few hundred thousands a day farming in the game but even 49K means a lot to me so yeah it's sad to see them go, not to mention they're straight up news like psublog does.

There's a reason why i call twitter "twitter the shitter" and avoid it like the plague it is. I also have never used discord, and closing the forum won't change that.

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Gonna be an empty ocean if its all whales.

Not to mention that whales can't survive on other whales. The game still might depending on how generous those mooks are.

@BannedCheeseCake Huh, so it was exclusively on twitter? No wonder I never saw anything about it.

Also, should I start stating that it's my opinion on anything I post? Seems redundant. I was talking about twittter in general anyway, not this specific thing in it.

So can someone explain how it would be possible to datanine something online or how stupid a community manager would look making such a baseless claim?

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@mychii I was being facetious. Also why apologize when you've already dealt irreparable damage to your community's trust? Should've just done the sega tactic and doubled down on a bad idea.

@mychii wow, an apology late at night on Twitter where barely any one will see, when the drama been brewing all day long already.

Damage been done, even JP side are feeling it. Because RappyBurst comes out with the alpha reactor locations hours before JP even updates, it replaced most of the people that were doing the locations. You can see the RappyBurst's announcement in JP has over 5 times more retweets as the EN one.

@mychii I have not been following this so closely but I cannot grasp how you can datamine something that's server-side on Sega's end (especially if it's consistent with the Japanese version). This particular apology out of context seems heartless to me and I cannot find this looking good for them.

At least from what I have heard (I am not associated with the Discord server where this happened), it seems out-of-line to me to see a community moderator of some sort jump out of their way to drop breadcrumbs and gaslight someone who just stated initially that they were stopping something they did. It is worrying to me that this is the "staff" that we have to fall back on and trust for game-related issues. I recall hearing that when this took place the messages were deleted and that particular user vanished - but as I mentioned I am not a part of that Discord and can only parrot what I read elsewhere.

If the goal was to really stop Rappy Burst from resurrecting or to stop other players from trying to create their own source of resources, I am very worried to be a part of the community if the moderators are this petty and eager to gnaw and claw at people who do have a passion for something they like. If I was on the receiving end of this I would immediately see it as a red flag to not return to that particular community especially with how insincere that apology seems.

@TechyAzeem Damn didn't see that coming 😵

Yeah the damage is done, at a bad timing for current state of the game as well.

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Rappy burst left because the game has been shit for months and because he doesn't like the way @play_pso2 is being handled. What broke the camels back was a tweet where the CM was mocking people criticizing her for posting nothing but memes on twitter. In his own words "You just do not attack your customers". I would link to it but calling the CM out on her BS Rappy Burst claims got me blocked (on both private and PSO2 account).

Originally they planned to discontinue RB depending on how good or bad the winter update was gonna be.

Send me links, I'll post em. (when awake)

I have absolutely no fear of getting banned from this hellhole and making a new account is super easy considering the mods can not tell people apart.

@Cathy yo I love spicy memes hit me up