Even Rappy Burst is abandoning PSO2 NGS. lol

@NoSpax Well the thing is DE can't change and revise his base appearance, since the Warframe Nezha's feminine/androgynous appearance was design be similar to the Chinese folklore Nezha's youthful appearance, the DE only thing can do to change the warframe was releasing skins that has a more masculines appearance like the Empyrean Skin.

And beside that this is DE we talking about they don't think as clearly as they should, since they didn't know that alot of warframe's fans that are weebs who are use too saying trap to describe to characters like astolfo, felix argyle, and the recent example Venti tho in a positive way since anime fans do love those type of characters.

@Riesz said in Even Rappy Burst is abandoning PSO2 NGS. lol:

@TheLamp5 Wait... this was over a Warframe itself and not a person working on the team or player or anything like that? Why do they even care what people call the Warframe? They're a fictional character, and the frames are just the exosuits anyway, not the person inside of them.

(I would originally assume the people inside the frames are all a clone of Hayden Tenno from Dark Sector, but I'm not entirely sure with the frames with feminine voices that also exist how they relate to Hayden to also be called Tenno)

So there's literally no reason for them to care people are calling the Warframe a trap. It's not used as a specifically derogatory term when used in relation to a fictional character, only when you do so with a real person should it become offensive.

You got the Warframe lore very wrong, but it doesn't really make any sense why it's banned. Even the devs made a few jokes about Nezha before. DE's overall moderation is just super inconsistent, and people sometimes get banned over some really random shit. Most of the time support usually unbans you so it's fine.

Edit: Here's the original video that kicked off the big chat moderator controversy if you're interested: https://youtu.be/VNfC7Bgq9ig

@Alexmo even then this just one of many controversys that happen in the community side of things on warframe, and this controversy not referring to the devs themselves, but to the mods on region chat that added in that to kickbot tho it's doesn't help DE's overall image when they got stuff like that time when they( the Devs) tried to sue a kid cuz they thought that person was a dataminer.