The Rappy Burst Website & Twitter account discontinues

Its really sad to see them discontinue the Twitter account. It was more useful than the official one in terms of actually posting news about the game and the Alpha reactor maps were very handy too. I know the person behind it personally and they were a megafan of the game since day 1. You can only take the NGS & everything surrounding it being in the state it's in for so long...

Seems like one of the JP players has made an alpha reactor map for today at least.

The only "Problem" with JP players making the map is their Daily reset is 7 hours later than GL reset so for Europeans, like me they cant compile a map until its bedtime for me. And GL reset happens 14:00 for me which is often either 2 hours before I come back from work or 2 hours after i go to work. Never an ideal spot. I miss base PSO2 daily reset timings.

Another major part of the PSO2/NGS community just died off.

Rappy Burst was useful for a number of things like previewing scratch ticket items that Sega them selves didn't bother to show, links to other information sites.

Lets hope the interactive maps remain intact since those are an extremely valuable resource.

@LazerRay Hmm actually speaking of that wonder if the person who made the Matoi Chan discord bot will find a way to still provide daily reactor locations, because they also made an interactive map, that had those provided daily directly in collaboration with Ani (aka Rappy Burst).

They didn't have them set to automatically change originally, and just had a few static locations until they contacted Ani to also add those locations daily to their interactive map.

There are two interactive maps: (The older of the two, and doesn't always load) I can force scroll into the other main areas with an image editor reveal them. (The newer one that might be what the daily reactor lists are based on, some thing still missing) I tried to submit a vet mob location to the south region, but its still not added in.

@LazerRay Ah this is the one I was referring to

@Riesz That is now a third map to add to my bookmarks

@Riesz said in The Rappy Burst Website & Twitter account discontinues:

@LazerRay Ah this is the one I was referring to

I think the last day or two the alpha reactors there have sometimes been a little off. The day just ending for instance, the southernmost one in Central Aelio is quite a bit different to where the map says it is.


So far I'm finding that JP Twitter account to be a bit more accurate. started making alpha reactor maps after the news of the Rappy Burst shutdown.