Thought for global base PSO2 improvement

Not unlike my last post, I've been trying to stay within the framework of concepts that involve pre-existing infrastructure/assets just approached differently. In this case, I'd like to talk about the forever scratches in base.

Has the team working on the game area mentioned considered cutting the cost of the base pso2 scratches in half, but changing the manner in which scratch bonuses are handled? Instead of just a flat ticket every so many scratches, why not include stuff like augment transfer passes x10 or some other hard to find/account bound content that resets monthly. This would encourage more impulse purchases at the half cost point, while still managing higher throughput in a monthly setting for those after the passes/hard to find loot. As an added bonus, that should also help the market in base as well to help reduce the costs.

I suspect that not many people are buying the base scratches all that often due to NGS combined with their current price point. The change described above should fix a lot of these issues, I would think. Without much work on your end to boot.

I don't think the Devs really care about base PSO2 anymore to be frank.

They could, if they cared, make a PSO2 UQ schedule that's automatic and each day of the week, minus maintenance day ofc, gives UQ's from different episodes. But we're meant to just play NGS even tho there is nothing to do in the game.

I agree they don't seem to honestly care at this point and there are serious oversights at the moment. That said, pointing it out I think is important. So long as it's a realistic critique and suggestion, at least I can say I tried.