Previous Phantasy Star Games Screenshots and Stories

Hey, share your experience in previous Phantasy Star games, screenshots, some things that you love from those games. 😸 ♥


Man I wish I had all of my SS from the GameCube days, it was so much fun we even did a 4 player coop, my god how did we ever play like that lol

My friends would always ask to borrow meseta cuz I was in yellowboz lol and I loved my J-Sword

@SaviorZero82 I really miss that Co-op mode, i love to play with my friends on the same screen, those times were so fun… I play GC version even today with private servers and a lot of friends online

@Street-Dashley I wish I still had screenshots. I followed the game from its original release on Dreamcast through all other platforms. Those memories aren't forgotten though!

Last thing I was doing on the good ol' PSO was trying to figure out how to combine the master raven and the swan whatever gun on my hucaseal. It's on a private server on my pc so I pop on every so often. Never gets old.

I Got 2 Stories to Share, one is of the FIRST Phantasy Star, I would always go the same way, if I manage to Beat 3 Flies at the start, I beat the game, If not, I lose...

And a Newer Story, was one that I was playing the Dreamcast PSO, With my RaCaseal, and I got mocked for my Twin Machine Gun Damage, came Dark Falz, and he Threw Megid at the team, I was Left Standing there, He Used Megid Again, Fail, he did Again, Fail..., He Kept doing that, And I started to Run Around Rezzing the Rest of the Team, and he kept trying to Kill me With Megid, end of the Story, he kept Trying, and Failing, and they stopped making fun on my RaCaseal(Thanks Dark Falz)