Advanced cosmetic X/Y/Z upgrade

I have a proposition for the NGS cosmetics that you can move some of the part individually like

  • Di Allez headgear
  • Schanorf Antenna
  • ect

Because I wear the Dragon horns a lot and it would be nice if I can individually move each horn

Say like with the neko kitsune ear if you wanted one up you can and you can tell the other one down instead of them both doing it

Basically a de-sync feature for accessory items that come as a pair, that sounds like a useful idea.

If possible it can be added to custom expressions (mostly for the animal ears), so you can have them enhance what the face is doing, I would make some fun use of that on my alt with her fox ears.

Yeah because I have the Dragon horns and it would be nice if I can move them individually or just link the pairs and move them separately