Some features I would like to see in PSO2:NGS

So PSO2:NGS has the new mining base EQ and that of course is present on the base game of PSO2 but it is missing the scoring feature that base PSO2 producer Sakai enthusiastically announced when mining base first came to PSO2 where players craved competition. I do hope that in the near future that the mining base activities will have a scoring system like PSO2.

I know it is still in its early release phase but I do look forward to the trial systems, that is if it comes at all (as long as they're worth the effort like the old trial rewards offered).

Lastly, I know PSO2NA did not get to do this but I do hope we get the PSO2 Ark ship battle events where progressed of each ship was measured by the rappys that would represent each ship as they attempt to meet certain event goals and would race to the finish line

@Maxwell This should really be in the in game suggestions forum thread area.