Market System Needs Overhaul, here's an idea.

Hi there.

First and foremost I would like to say that I am a big fan of PSO and have been since the Dreamcast days. Thank you for this long running service. I would also like to take a moment to state the merits of the idea that I want to present today. The idea is a concept to make the market a fairer place for players of all status (Free to play - AC Scratch Addicts). This will make a stable market and a fair market that doesn't scare players away from investing into the game like in PSO2 (which is effectively what killed PSO2).

Before I explain, I do support SEGA. I buy premium every month in order to enjoy the full functionality of the game. The fact I, basically, have to pay a subscription to do so makes the problem being addressed even more urgent and concerning to the games overall health. People are pretty much paying to get locked oout of the market they are paying to use through Premium.

The core problem - Market instability, massive meseta inflation, lack of access to all players but the AC Addicts, and AC Scratch Addict market bullying.

What this solution does - This solution keeps the inflation in check while allowing the AC Addicts to remain the top 1% of the game in a constructive way, rather than locking out or intrusively gauging other players completely. This has a ripple effect of making the game feel more worth while to people who don't want to shell out AC in order to survive. From a company standpoint this would seem like something you would want, but with this implementation, the rise in Premium sales would become staggering by making market access fair.

How this works - The idea is to limit the price ceiling of items based solely on their rarity. An item will have a base fixed value that the selling player chooses when posting. This value would be anywhere between 1,000 - 10,000. That 1,000 - 10,000 value is then modified by chosen value + (chosen value) or chosen value + (chosen value +chosen value) depending on how much the player values the item or market demands it worth while. After that is done, the item value that stands is then allowed to be multiplied anywhere between x2 to x15 (+x1 or -x1 value due to market presence) or more based on rarity and augmenting if applicable. If augments are in play, the value of the augment is figured the exact same way as an individual item and then tacked to the price of the item they are augmented to. Let me give an example of a non-augmentable item and an item with augments.

Example of Non - Augmentable

The item is a 8 star cosmetic. As a player I value this item at 8k base and, due to it's rarity, choose to triple it's base value to 24k. The item is an 8 star item. So, the item will be set by a x8 value to the base value selected. Due to over market presence, I elect to drop the x8 to a x7 in order to give myself better chances to sell the item. This would set the value I would be selling the item at to 168,000 meseta. If the item has low presence, I could push the item to a x9 rather than the base x8. That would fluctuate the market value I'm selling it at to 216,000 meseta (Which would be the max amount this item could sell for period since that is all modifiers set to max).

Example of Augmentable Item

The game's current highest star rating is 5, so I will push the understanding on a 5 value item that has 4 augments.

5 star weapon is not too uncommon so it will be based at base value without being added another base value. I'll set this to 5k. This means that the weapon would be valued at 25,000 meseta following the top model.

The augments are going to be set to 2 star augments, which are the best possible in current patching of NGS. Augs will also get a bonus based on the tier of the aug they are which will be added to the base value that will be figured into a price.

Aug Value: Tech III. Set base value to 2k. This 2k value will be increased by 500 per additional tier making the base value go to 3k. Given market saturation, I'll elect to not multiply the base value. Being a 2 star, it becomes x2 which I will bounce to a x1 because of market saturation mentioned above. That makes this augment sell at 3k. Since it takes generally 7 - 10 of these to put the augment on a weapon that makes this price become x7 - x10 (seller's choice). This Aug slot would add 21k - 30k to the price of the weapon.

Let's now assume that all the augmentss are around this price to make this example simple to wrap up. That being considered. The weapon value at 109,000 - 145,000.

Take away from this system

The system allows for fluctuation in prices based on supply, demand, and personal/market value to a degree that it matters. It also helps items to maintain a proper price range stability to allow access to players of all sorts (The Free to Play - AC Addicts) while restricting player's abilities to price gauge to insanity. PSO2 got so far out of hand that new players wouldn't even bother. I was a weapon crafter in base PSO2 and let me tell you, selling my weapons at around 300,000,0000 - 400,000,000 million did not bring in many buyers outside of that small elite AC Scratch Addict crowd that I keep mentioning. Not to mention, that is completely unobtainable to anyone wanting to play end game. As a gamer, most of you know that not being able to reach end game without shelling out metric tons of real money, makes a game not worth playing. That is what is going to happen to NGS if this problem is not stopped dead in it's tracks. This is a design to make it thrive than suffocate.

Thanks for looking into my madness and hopefully seeing the merit in it. I definitely hope that the def team can see this and mull on it. If not this kind of system, then please try to understand the situation can come up with a solution that works for everyone, for the communities sake and longevity. We love the game and don't want it to become another elite ridden PoS phone quality game. We want a real game with a strong community that will last and not be a soulless forced cash grab in order to reach and play end game content when it get's that far.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Dreadnaut227 ❤

This is a poor design. 99% of gear is not worth more than the minimum market price. Likewise there are high rarity items that are worth less than a 10th of the minimum market value you can list the items for (500k). Add on the fact that preset skills are the only thing of value on weapons and armor. As someone who only played PSO2 to buy cosmetic items before finding out that eventually most if not all would come to NGS updated, I also disagree that it is impossible for new players to get the money required to buy most items. Sure it will take a while to get enough money for some of the really old items selling for 1 Billion or more mesetta, but I am not even level 80 yet and I already have 200m mesetta. If I wanted to spend time out of my day to focus on doing Cradle whenever possible it is realistically viable for me to be able to obtain anything in PSO2 over time, with very little actual time investment. I would literally only need to do Cradle, or Cradle triggers with my Alliance when ever I wanted and eventually I would be able to buy whatever I want.

As for fixing the market in NGS, this is already going to get fixed via the mission pass and the introduction of 3 day shop passes. Ideally SEGA would be smart and realize the most successful F2P games that have trade allow everyone to trade for free, with some cases where spending money allows you to sell in larger volume. I am talking about games like Albion Online, Runescape, FF14, probably WoW ( I don't know I don't play that trash ), and a plethora of other games (Yeah some of these are subscription based, but you still don't need to spend money to sell stuff).

The main reason to not allow free trade is to prevent bots from farming items and flooding the market with those items. I don't even know how you would create a bot that can farm anything in NGS, so maybe the best they could do is put a bunch of bots into a single block at one location while 1 or a few real players kill stuff and every one could potentially get loot, and sell that. Surely however that would be easy to detect.

The only thing with the personal shops I would change is the removal of minimum listing prices. There are many scratch ticket items that are not worth 500k, and thus will literally never sell, either due to the cosmetic itself being ugly, due to it being too common, or due to it being a miniscule or small cosmetic that is hard to notice or see.