Loners who party from time to time

Hello I am so happy to finally play this game. I'd like to have parties.. Not sure about an alliance. Since I am so new to everything I don't want any pressure to grind through the content. I'd like to just take my time to learn and kill things. Is there a place for people who just want to party for the time being without having to join an alliance? I stream http://www.twitch.tv/alikyi and my discord is https://discord.gg/6WEhJq.

Edit: Oh and mmy Current Character is Alikyi_Force ... cuz I'm a force class.

I solo a lot but join parties at time. Gone as far as to make my own alliance. I'm on ship 2 if you want to join mine as I still currently just have my photon tree to talk to in the alliance HQ. 😛