[Ship 1] Burning Rangers is Recruiting

Burning Rangers

Looking for an active alliance to grind and gear up with? Burning Rangers is looking for a few more members to fill out our roster. We're nearly at capacity, but we're willing to help you get leveled and geared up to enjoy everything the game has to offer. Message me here or on Xbox live if you have specific questions, or would like to join.

Discord information provided to those that join via the alliance tab. Alliance disperses 50 of each capsule, and 10 extreme tickets weekly, with the rest of the points going toward photon tree cultivation focusing primarily on EXP bonuses for now. Everything is unlocked and Alliance is Level 5.

Whether you're new to Phantasy Star or you've been playing since the Dreamcast we're here to work together, and thrive. Consistent parties, and knowledgeable players will help you every step of the way.


Still looking for a couple more active players.

1 position remains

Im interested iTMcNasty is my player id level 70 hunter/fighter level 60 summoner/fighter on almost every night looking for a guild to party up and run shaqs and gear up with

Apparently the email notifications aren’t working, if you’re interested message me on Xbox GT: Mavenstar

Looking for more players.

@MavenStar Hello! I’m on ship 1 and am looking for an alliance!

PC players welcome! Apply via visiphone!