My suggestion to improve the current state of NGS with the least effort as possible.

Hi, my name is Mi, I've played PSO2 since 2013, this game got a huge place in my heart and nothing can replace it but the current state of NGS make me feel blurry about the future of this game. Combat gameplay is top notch, I can't deny that but the exploration and story part is a huge problem. The game world is a huge empty space, everything you can do in the field is just killing some enemy and collecting some material, it's not how and open worl- open field game should be. Now, here's my suggestion to fix that:

  • The costume design is awesome, the character who wear them in the trailer has a fairly good design too. Every single one of them gave me the feel that they has a story behind them. So, why not putting them in the field and gave them some side quest like fighting along with them in ther field or collect something for them, make them explain who are they and the reason for them to fight? The support NPC system is still there, the quest system is still there, the quest system is still there so... why not?
  • Those NPC can wear the newest costume from the scratch or even using the newest Lobby Action and Motion from the same scratch. They're so good, why would you hide it behind the paywall?

With this suggestion, we can somehow fix 3 main issue with the game right now:

  • 1- Fill in the empty world with some NPC that can fight and create some motivation for player to explore the field.
  • 2- Add some depth into the world building and lore around the main story.
  • 3- A great marketing tool to introduce to player the new scratch and how it look like in action!

I gotta admit, I got this idea from watching how Genshin Impact marketing their new product. Look how good they are in introducing their new character and make player want to buy them. Just look at the character called Xinyan in Genshin, you don't know who she is? Yes, because she has no story about her, she's just a 4* character how are in the same banner with Zhongli and that's all. Look at how forgetful she is and I think that's the current state of NGS. I hope my words can reach someone in SEGA HQ or atleast the Developer of NGS. I want my beloved game alive and growing strong, not like this, not a fancy looking zombie with an empty soul. Please, SEGA, please.

These would frankly do nothing at all to fix the actual issues with the game.

The problem is that there's no content or anything to do in-game, be it in the field or elsewhere. It has nothing to do with not seeing the new scratch items in action.

@Peaceful-Days While I would like to have NPCs or NPC settlements outside of central city to expand the lore of the world, they also would need side tasks that are worth doing, such as unlocking side activities or mini games (such as fishing), or even unlocking access to dungeons?

@The-Merfox Yeah, NGS is missing content for capped players that is worth repeating. Going with the theme of the topic (improving NGS with relatively low effort), having instanced dungeons meant for capped players that re-use parts of the exploration areas (SEGA already showed they can re-use the current map for instanced content with the story quests and urgent quests), re-use existing enemies and veteran bosses, these dungeons could be a good alternative for finding augments that are only available in the mostly low level exploration areas.

For these to be worth running, maybe they could also be a good source of theseus armor or better, for the sake of grinding units.

Plus if these instanced dungeons would be static maps with static enemy spawns, they could add time attack rankings with weekly rewards to them.

@Ezodagrom said in My suggestion to improve the current state of NGS with the least effort as possible.:

(such as fishing)

Why are people obsessed with fishing in a game that is about fighting? Anyway, if they want to add "fishing", then make it so we dive into the water to fight the fish. I know doing something a little more unique is antithesis to easy and lazy game designing, but come one.

Also, you can "relax" by logging out.

@Yggranya It was just an example of a side activity, fishing is the easiest example of a side activity to bring up for NGS since it could easily serve a purpose for an already existing system, the cooking/food system. Fish could be an alternative to meat for damage boosting food, so hunting tames wouldn't be the only source for this type of effect (personally at least I would rather fish than hunt tames).

The point of that part of my post anyway was that NPCs outside of central city would need a purpose other than world building.

@Ezodagrom You pick up seafood from the ground and that's more than enough. The NPCs can fish and you just run around picking up the results. No need to add boring old fishing minigame on top of that.

Not exactly a side activity then, but i'm so fucking tired of the same old shit getting stuffed into every single game, especially when it's the most tiresome garbage imaginable. "Don't play it then"? Yeah, but then it's not much of an activity for me, now is it?

@Yggranya As I said, fishing was just an example, it could be running from point A to point B in the exploration areas and get rewards based on time, collectables, finding easter eggs, the point was that NPCs outside of town would need to give stuff to do more than lore/world building, and tasks to defeat X enemies wouldn't be any different than the NPCs that are already in central city.

The main part of my post wasn't even about that anyway, it was especially about dungeons.

@Ezodagrom Yeah, sorry. I'm just so tired of fishing in games. Fishing in real life can be nice, depending on what you're after. Fishing in games is boring, since you could be doing some gameplay instead of just standing around casting lines. Ugh...

So anything the NPCs would have should have activity as the main point.