Accessories not in correct locations when loading fashion sets with chat commands

I have two of the "Arm Cannon" accessory equipped at the same time, I have them attached to each arm and I have the colors set to match my basewear. If I load the look this is saved to via a chat command, they do not use the colors I have them set to, and they are both attracted to the same arm instead of being on each arm. If I then open up the look menu and load the set through that menu instead of a chat command, ( /mf1 or /myfashion1 ) it puts the accessories in the correct locations. My guess is it has something to do with me using the same accessory twice in different locations.

Sounds like a bug in the chat commands for changing saved outfits, at least you already know the workaround with the menus.

Sizes, positions, and rotations of accessories are also buggy through the chat commands, even if you use the default attachment point.

Both of my characters use certain accessories to complete their looks, and one of them has a bunch of saved outfits, and I just use the menus to keep the accessories in the right places.

Looks like Sega already knows about this bug and has another workaround: