I'm considering this to be a technical difficulty, because there's no way that Sega hasn't looked at this issue and thought for a brief moment "We might be asking too much here..." but then shrugs it off and forgets about it.

Sega... Think about your Free-2-Play fanbase. We like your game, and we're even willing to spend a bit of money from time to time, but NIENTY DOLLARS FOR A FRIGGING NINJA RUN?! You guys are insane, and anyone who is willing to spend this kind of money on such things are only feeding into your insanity. Not to mention you put the CAST hover run behind the same paywall when that honestly should have been a stock character creation choice for CAST players. Every person who plays a CAST will agree with me here.

Honestly, if it was behind a $30 paywall to get such things, i'd probably entertain it more and from time to time would pay that kind of money. But i'm sorry... I'm not going to pay you 1.5x as much as a brand new AAA game with LOADS OF CONTENT for a ninja run that will allow me to look cool as i continue to run the tiny circles of gameplay you've given us thus far.

This is sad, and it needs to change.