April Fool's Day is only a few hours after scheduled maintenance...

Think we can expect some kind of jokes / Easter Eggs to come from the NA version of PSO2?

Also hoping for some Easter themed lobby dropping either this maintenance or next along with some new urgent quests.

Amduskia needs to go since it is very rare to find an MPA that does it in a beneficial way.

None because Microsoft/Sega aren't known for that.

They'll announce the PC version is available.... April fools. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that they haven't released any details because they were making a completely custom client that will splash April Fools when you try to login and then uninstall itself

Ehh I'm just being salty. Hopefully they do something creative or actually do make some kind of announcement maybe a run of the Valentines day EQ?

@ThisTuesday Hopefully.

I just watched the first couple episodes of the Phantasy Star Online 2 animation and saw the ending credits with the dancing rappies on the Shopping Area stage.

That would be awesome to do as a prank, where instead of Quna (as scheduled) a bunch of rappies came out instead.

Wishful thinking on my part.

Every rappy slot spin is a jackpot.

There's usually an Easter festival happening ... there was before in JP so I can't imagine why we wouldn't get that here in NA? There are some other events that I'm sure won't make it over here such as the White Day and that wedding themed month..not sure if that was some kind of anniversary or something... 😕 Also not sure if we'll get the big Sonic anniversary lobby when those times roll around either...

@A4Angel we should definitely get the lobbies at the very least, and hopefully some NA exclusive lobbies. (4th of July, pls?!)

@GM-Deynger actually this goofing off just made me think.

Some special Urgent Quest that drops a "Patriot Badge" where the goal is collecting 1776 mission points.