Hidden music locations

Besides the one in central City next to the big TV

Has anybody found any hidden music

  • there is one on the tallest mountain in the current version viewable from central city A world beyond the sky

  • And the peak just below has argo the new world

  • said by @Weirdo I can confirm that there is a hidden music score there at the destroyed little Village town in the prologue although cannot find the song on the internet

Does anybody think there are more hidden music scores around the Map that have not yet been released or have you found any that are in the current map

Aelio Town ruins at the flag and the fountain in Central City not during events.

@Weirdo where is that could you possibly upload a picture

And what event may I ask the normal urgent Quest or is it something else entirely

One of the "Cafe" areas in town will play different music from the PSO series and it seems to be random, just go inside the ring in the middle of the housing area for this zone.

Thanks, I never checked the Aelio Town ruins flag and the cafe.

I was wondering if anyone else noticed this feature.