Social Media Suggestion: Use a hashtag for non-announcement posts (the memes mostly)

I couldn't find a place to properly submit this other than just posting in the official account's replies or DMs; which feels really futile since that account's notifications are likely overrun by unfocused discontent (even if things were going well, there would likely be even more people actively participating and replying to things), and I didn't see anything that seemed appropriate in the Support Request form for this particular subject, so I figured this place would have to be the better place to bring this up in hopes that somebody can pass the message along.

The memes the official twitter account (and probably some of the other accounts) has been posting this whole time have been fun and all, but I feel like a lot of folk would appreciate it if they could follow the official account and only have actual announcements show up on their timelines. If the meme posts had their own hashtag, people could simply mute it and not have to deal with the chaos of the official account posting information they would like to be kept in the loop on in-between a deluge of stuff they quite frankly don't care about.

I myself probably wouldn't be muting this theoretical tag, but I see a lot of folk I know either getting frustrated or just unfollowing the account altogether.

This is a very good idea tbh but probably gonna just meet deaf ears

I'd really appreciate a more professional approach to the Social Media side of things personally, less memes and questionable posts and more genuine updates, similar to the FFXIV Twitter, or other online game Twitter's where teenage meme posts are not the designated driver.

If you want the memes then sure have them, however lately it does appear to have become more inappropriate and I wish I had a way to filter out the nonsense from the actual updates.

Please add this so we can get the information we want, and filter that which we do not want.

The day Twitter adds a dislike button will be a joyous day.